One of the sweetest ways to celebrate a birthday is by enjoying a special cake to commemorate the day. Unfortunately, there are times when a lack of funds, personal situations, or distance from family members make it difficult to do so.  

Birthday Cakes 4 Free is a nonprofit organization based in Santa Cruz that ensures that underprivileged children, or senior citizens, are remembered on their birthday. The organization has chapters throughout California as well as other parts of the country. 

A group of women in San Benito County is banding together to bring a chapter to this area. So far, about a dozen stay-at-home and working moms have stepped forward to volunteer, but they need your help. If you would like to be a part of this cake-baking collaboration, email Julie Engelhardt at You do not need to be a professional baker. All you need is a desire to help and a knack for baking sweet treats. If you aren't much of a baker, but still want to assist, the chapter will accept donations of flour, sugar, eggs, cake mixes, oil, milk and other ingredients. For more information about Birthday Cakes 4 Free, click here:   To join the Hollister group, go to BirthdayCakes4FreeHollisterCA on Facebook.