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Officer Injured and three arrested after lengthy vehicle pursuit

Police Officer injured by another vehicle while pursuing three women accused of grand theft and stolen property.

Hollister Police arrested three suspects after long vehicle pursuit Sept. 19 that ended in Hayward, Ca. A Hollister Police Sergeant was injured in a vehicle collision during the chase.

A report issued by Hollister Police Department stated that around 10:00 pm (on Sept. 19), Officer Don Tong attempted to stop a vehicle near the intersection of Fourth and East Streets in Hollister. It stated that the driver of the vehicle did not yield and sped away at very high rate of speed. Other patrol units also became involved in the pursuit as the suspect drove around the Hollister.

The news release stated, “Sergeant Michael Paddy was the third patrol car in the pursuit as he monitored the incident. His vehicle’s lights and siren were activated as he entered the intersection. A (unrelated to chase) SUV failed to yield to the emergency lights and sirens and entered the intersection directly in front of Sgt. Paddy’s path. They collided causing severe damage to both vehicles. Sergeant Paddy was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for several injuries. The driver of the SUV was also treated at the hospital and both were later released.”

Hollister Police units continued the chase after the vehicle carrying three suspects to the area of Hwy 101 and Leavesley Rd. in Gilroy at which point the California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit until it ended in Hayward, Ca. The Police Department reported the three suspects in the vehicle as Chartanae Lovely (20) of Antioch,  Davida Fortenberry (21) of Oakland andLaje Ford (22) of Oakland.

The report stated that the suspects had taken several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a store and had also discarded evidence of previous crimes out of the vehicle’s window during the chase.

Hollister Police Department statement concluded, “All suspects were returned to San Benito County where they were booked on the charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, burglary, grand theft, possession of stolen property and destruction of evidence. The driver, Fortenberry, was also charged with felony evasion resulting in injury.”

Hollister Police Department made a point of thanking community members who were the first to arrive at the car accident in Hollister and were the first to arrive at the crash scene. Citizens helped Sgt. Paddy out of the wrecked vehicle and helped another “involved party.”

Contact Officer Tong at the Hollister Police Department at 636-4330 with information. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the WeTip hotline, which may provide a reward at 800-87-CRIME.

BenitoLink Staff