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Name: Maureen Serafini
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San Benito County Open Studios Art Tour 2013

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 will be a Preview Exhibition for our Open Studios Tour at Blak Sage Gallery. Come join us and meet the artists, from 5:00 – 8:00pm. The Open Studios Art Tour will be June 1-2, 2013 11am-5pm. Pick up the directions & maps at Blak Sage, 727 San Benito St. It’s a fun evening and I’ll bet you’ll meet friends you already know and get a chance to see some great art. Her’s a little bit about me. As an artist I have been painting off & on for 30yrs. Mainly in oils with a smattering of watercolors. My subjects have been portraiture, landscapes & ocean/water. Recently I have been doing Plein Air Painting and those are done on locations. This is a new adventure for me and it’s a love/hate relationship. By love I mean being out in beautiful locations, hearing the sounds of nature and the fresh air are all wonderful and that amazing beauty we are all so blessed with. By hate I mean the heat of the day,the bugs flying into your face and on the canvas,the wind, oooh the wind. It’s frustrating to be painting away and have the tripod blown over, brushes in sand & mediums spilled. My love for this outweighs the inconveniences so I’ll keep pursuing this adventure. It’s truly awesome. My paintings change with time as I explore new medias, and, I am always exploring. This is a lifelong endeavor and I am a lifelong learner. I have been very lucky to work with so many of the great painters we have now. I cannot imagine my life without art. Art in any form is a true passion for me and I hope I express that in my work. We hope to meet you there!!