Protest for Immigration Legalization  (J. Morris photo)

I read somewhere that a “dreamer” is defined as the beneficiary of DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Initiative. On October 2, the Hollister City Council was expected to approve per resolution number 2017-251 that the City of Hollister will be a “Dreamer’s City.” I believe that this resolution was brought about by Councilwoman Luna’s recommendation for the same on the September 18 city council meeting. 

I tried to look up what benefits dreamers get if a city declares itself a Dreamer’s City. There doesn’t seem to be any specifics in the several articles I read about the topic. 

In an article I read, Philadelphia declared itself a dreamer city by providing statistics on how many DACA recipients it had in the city, how many were employed, have contributed to the city and the community, and all the other qualities the city determines necessary to declare itself a dreamers city. 

Given the short time, 2 weeks to be exact, for the resolution to have been recommended, I don’t think Hollister has the statistics to support the resolution it will approve.