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OPINION: Disclosure is the key after water damage

Water damage? Renee Kunz with Intero Real Estate gives tips to property owners

In this wet year, has your property just been affected by the recent downpours? Were you thinking of selling and now do not know what to do? If you have been affected, it is still something you can overcome, if you plan to sell your house. 

In real estate, disclosure is the key to a successful transaction. DO NOT HIDE IT!

You can sell your house if there was water damage. Just make sure you tell your Realtor about the issues you have and place this information on the necessary disclosures. If you file a claim with your insurance company, disclose this. If you took pictures, attach the photos of the damage to the potential buyer. If you hired a professional to mitigate the issue in the future, provide the report. Keeping this in mind will help simplify the process.

Here are some tips you can utilize to prepare for rain storms. Your home is your biggest investment so take care of it:

  • Make sure the gutters are free of debris and sealed
  • Make sure the downspouts are diverted away from the house
  • Create a communication plan with loved ones
  • Have enough food, water and medicine available for at least three days
  • Have batteries and flashlights available
  • Have enough food and a plan for your pets as well




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