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OPINION: Misleading advertisements recommend not voting for Robert Rivas

Two mailers against Robert Rivas are making the rounds thanks to Coalition to Restore California's Middle Class, paid for by the oil lobby including Chevron, Phillips 66, and Valero Energy.

This opinion was contributed by Richard Wist. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

I recently received in the mail a misleading advertisement recommending not voting for Robert Rivas claiming his budget choices as supervisor were intended to degrade public safety.

While this assertion is incorrect, its devious nature is even more alarming. The fine print on the ad shows it’s funders are three big oil corporations: Chevron, Phillips, and Valero. The first deception is their front organization, Coalition to Restore California's Middle Class. Of course multinational oil corporations could care less about public safety in Hollister.

So why are they interested in San Benito County? Because they are angered at the citizens of San Benito County for overwhelmingly passing and ordinance banning fracking, an oil drilling technique that poisons groundwater and can destabilize underground faults. Because Robert Rivas supported the people’s will and advocated for the ordinance, the big oil companies are using their millions to subvert democracy and punish the citizens of San Benito County. All the more reason to vote for Robert Rivas and carefully scrutinize the misinformation we are being overwhelmed with by big corporations.