COLUMN: Pleasures of small town living

Francisco Diaz writes about the joy of living in San Juan Bautista.

This opinion was contributed by San Juan Bautista resident, Francisco Diaz. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Large cities and densely populated areas have taken away the peace and serenity that once prevailed around us. In comparison, small towns are calm and devoid of the general restlessness we witness in larger ones. People in such areas are well aware of those who live in their surroundings. On the contrary, you can live in a busy area for a decade without knowing the names of your neighbors.

Recently, I have settled down in San Juan Bautista and I must admit that this place along with the hospitality of natives has kept me mesmerized ever since. They often wave at me and stop to say hi during my morning jog. I haven’t had problems initiating conversations with anyone because they do it themselves. They are often inquiring about my lawn and love to talk about my cat, Willie Nelson. He is more popular in town than I am. Overall, people in San Juan Bautista are polite and welcoming.

I haven’t been here for too long so I’m still getting to know my neighbors. I get my Saturday morning boost from Vertigo and proceed to explore the local shops. They are the best coffee providers in town and their outdoor patio allows you to enjoy the great atmosphere.

I’d be subjected to criminal offenses if I close this chapter without mentioning the Mission San Juan Bautista. So, I’ll save myself from the charges and let you know that this place is enriched with history. In fact, the whole town of San Juan Bautista holds immense importance as far as having a central role in history is concerned. This town is important to me as I am going to spend the upcoming part of my life here.

To conclude, I can easily predict that there is plenty yet to be explored in this town. However, I’m not bothered by that as I’m a newcomer. The upcoming times are exciting and I’m looking for new adventures. Life is the game of seeking new adventures.


Francisco Diaz