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OPINION Robert Rivas: The Integrity and Heart We Need in Sacramento

Your voice will matter to Robert Rivas. I know firsthand, it's truly his character to listen and consider all sides. He will be unrelenting in his work to represent Assembly District 30.

This article was contributed by wife of candidate Robert Rivas, Christen Rivas.


Even though we are registered with opposite parties, what struck me about Robert Rivas on our very first date 12 years ago was his heart for those who need help, need a voice, or don’t have the same opportunities as others. That matters so much more than party lines.

He has such compassion for people, cares deeply about our community and giving back, but also thick skin and determination to do what he knows is the right thing, even if he is faced with pressure to do the opposite. Even when it’s not what will make him popular for the moment, or help him get more votes.

For the last eight years as he has served on the Board of Supervisors in San Benito County, I have seen him, firsthand, spend countless late nights researching all sides of issues, taking time to listen and talk to everyone involved, and seeking guidance from experts in certain fields when needed. He doesn’t take the responsibility of serving the public and making what are often very hard decisions lightly. He considers the bigger picture, not just taking the easy route that might make a few happy or be a quick temporary fix.

When I’m asked if I’m Robert Rivas’ wife around town, I love knowing I can always be confident and proud of the fact that he has unwavering integrity. You could call me biased because I’ve been married to him for 10 years, but I’m a Republican and I am passionate about my core values! He doesn’t get a free pass when it comes to politics with me. I was raised an independent, tough cowgirl. I am not afraid to challenge him to see a different perspective. And he will listen, regardless of whether we end up agreeing or not. He truly is one of the good ones!

Your voice will matter to him, because it’s genuinely in his character to listen and consider all the factors. He will never forget his roots and he will always fight for what is right. I know he will be unrelenting in his work to represent Assembly District 30 well.