No, not the three-legged pitbull from the NBC comedy show!

San Benito County (SBC) is looking for community members passionate about parks and recreation! Tremendous accomplishments have been achieved over the past 5 years, with your input and participation at community meetings, public events, Community Vision San Benito County Summit, and business committees, including:

• Adoption of the San Benito County Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan;

• Development of partnerships with and receipt of grants/funding for parks, recreation, and healthy communities from Graniterock, YMCA, California State Parks, and The Health Trust;

• Completion of a San Benito River Parkway Master Plan and a River Parkway Focus Area and Regional Park Master Plan;

• Creation and adoption of a parks and recreation mascot, Bennie Benitoite;

• Adoption of parks and recreation friendly policies, including a Facility Naming Policy, Parks and Recreation Impact Fee study, amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance pertaining to parkland dedication;

• Establishment of a nonprofit foundation dedicated to support parks and recreation in San Benito County by community members.

Let’s keep the momentum going! The SBC Parks and Recreation Commission is looking for community members interested in becoming Parks and Recreation Champions, individuals who will advocate for all things parks and recreation in San Benito County. Click here for the Champion Interest and Description form.  If you, or someone you know is looking in this opportunity to facilitate a healthy community (in so many ways), return the attached Interest Form. First activity: Development of a Parks and Recreation “Brand”, messaging, and talking points! (Consultant led effort – Parks and Recreation Commission retreat September 10, 2013.)

Join our Champion Team! The Community needs you!

For more information, contact:

Janelle L. Cox Management Analyst 481 Fourth Street Hollister, CA 95023 831-636-4000, Ext. 18 831-636-4010 (fax) jcox@cosb.us