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Pinnacles Gateway Partners Meeting at Paicines Ranch

Invitation goes out for a Pinnacles Gateway Partners box dinner meeting at Paicines Ranch. It is an opportunity to learn about the Condor Recovery Program and enjoy a guided tour of Paicines Ranch.


Interested community members and local businesses are invited to an evening at Paicines Ranch on Thursday, Oct. 5.

They are cordially invited to Paicines Ranch for an evening gathering with the Pinnacles Gateway Partners.

A guided ranch tour is offered from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. followed. by a picnic supper and presentation by Pinnacles National Park about the Condor Recovery Program at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Logistics for this event require a reservation and $15 fee for a box dinner.


RSVP required by Sept. 28 to [email protected]


What to bring: $15 in cash or check to Pinnacles Gateway Partners

What to wear: Layered clothing and a jacket, comfortable walking shoes

How to get there: Follow the link below for directions to Paicines Ranch, print the directions before you go…your car GPS will probably get you lost!

Once inside the gate follow signs to “Grogan House” and look for parking.

Hope to see you there!


Mary Paxton

I have worked for local government for the past 23 years related to planning, redevelopment, housing and some economic development. I also became a Monterey Bay Master Gardener in 2012. I enjoy natural history, art, music and doing many things outside such as walking, riding a bicycle, and swimming.