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National Monument becomes National Park!

President Barak Obama today signed the bill promoted by US. Representative Sam Farr and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer designating the Pinnacles National Monument as a National Park.


“The Central Coast has long been recognized for our beautiful shoreline, where mountains meet the sea. Visitors have traveled the world to see our coast but now they are going to come to also see our cliffs.” U.S. Representative Sam Farr. The park has recently updated its general management plan to upgrade and improve services over the next 20 years, while protecting the areas wildlife and plant species. When completed, the Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Assessment will guide management of the park with a 15-20 year vision of its operation and protection. To see the full report, click here.


Pinnacles is best known for its rocky crags, part of an ancient volcanic complex.  The rest of the complex lies far south, on the other side of the San Andreas Fault, and consequently on the North American Plate, as opposed to the Pacific Plate that Pinnacles occupies.  More species of bees — 400-plus — have been documented at Pinnacles than any other place in North America.  Pinnacles is one of just a handful of places in North America where active efforts are taking place to restore the California Condor.  The caves complex at Pinnacles is the largest talus cave system in North America.


Mark Paxton of the Pinnacles Partnership said, "National park status elevates Pinnacles to a much more visible position among America's most significant public lands.  National parks must be formed by acts of Congress, followed by presidential approval.  The change in status initially will not mean more staffing or a much larger budget for Pinnacles, but a significant increase in interest and park visitation can be expected, and should be a boon to gateway communities surrounding the park — including Hollister and San Juan Bautista."


President Theodore Roosevelt signed the document that created Pinnacles as a national monument in 1908, making it one of the oldest in the nation.


BenitoLink Staff