Pinnacles National Park. Photo courtesy of Pinnacles National Park.
Pinnacles National Park. Photo courtesy of Pinnacles National Park.

Pinnacles National Park announced that it is closed effective immediately as torrential downpours and high winds are “creating extremely hazardous conditions” on park roads and trails. It added it will re-open when hazards are mitigated.

“Having nearly exceeded our annual rainfall averages less than 10 days into the new year, most trail and road stream crossings are extremely swollen and moving quickly, and extremely strong wind gusts of up to 60 mph are causing rocks and trees to fall on roads and trails,” the news release said. It also said park staff expect conditions to worse as rainfall is forecasted to increase and intensify.

Pinnacles said the west entrance road is closed at the park gate, and that entry by any means is not permitted.

“Trails are especially dangerous, with dozens of tree and rock falls, streams rushing over trails, and at least one bridge already compromised,” the release said. “Roads in some places are flooded over and new road obstructions are occurring with increasing frequency. No trails anywhere in the park are open or permitted to visitation at this time.”

It added the campground on the east side will remain open at this time to visitors with existing reservations but park trails and roads are still closed to everyone, campers included, beyond the campground. The Campground is run by the Pinnacles Recreation Company, and visitors with questions and camping reservations should contact the Pinnacles Recreation Company for more information at 831-200-1722, or their website contact portal online.

For more information regarding the park’s current alerts, go to here.