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Pinnacles National Park is Home to Many Raptors

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Prairie Falcon nestling. File image.
Prairie Falcon nestling. File image.

Pinnacles National Park is an amazing place to see nesting raptors (also known as birds of prey) during the spring season. Pinnacles is well known for its diversity of breeding raptor species – with 12 species documented nesting at the park in some years – and particularly for its high concentration of prairie falcons nesting in cliff cavities.

Raptors are currently incubating eggs and rearing young nestlings. Currently, six prairie falcon nests and two peregrine falcon nests have been confirmed for the year.

Other nesting raptor species include golden eagles, red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, American kestrels, and long-eared owls. Cooper's and sharp-shinned hawks should be starting nesting efforts in May to June.

Each year, raptor advisories are put into effect to protect these amazing birds of prey from disturbance and to allow them to successfully raise and fledge young throughout the park.

Check online at www.nps.gov/pinn for current advisories in effect, ask for brochures at the visitor centers, and adhere to posted advisory signs to help our falcons, hawks, eagles, and owls in their annual nesting efforts!


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