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Pinnacles National Park tentatively set to reopen Jan. 13

Some trails, including the caves and North Chalone, will remain closed for continued repairs.
Clearing the roadway. Photo courtesy of Pinnacles National Park.
Clearing the roadway. Photo courtesy of Pinnacles National Park.

The Pinnacles National Park announced the park is tentatively set to re-open Jan 13, after closing due to flooding and hazardous conditions. The release said while some damage and storm conditions remain in some areas, the park expects to be able to resume operations on both sides that morning.

“A few trails and roads require continued servicing, or more time to allow hazards to abate, and will likely remain closed for the immediate future,” the release said. “The Balconies and Bear Gulch caves, and the Chalone Peak trail beginning at the reservoir, are likely to remain closed. The rest of the park is expected to be passable again, though visitors are still encouraged to exercise caution as hazards may remain from the storm, as well as be caused by the continuing showers of the winter rainy season.”

According to the release, trees and rocks on roads and trails, rivers running over the roads and trails at stream crossings, and washes covered in mud or sand are the most common environmental hazards a visitor is likely to encounter when visiting after a storm.

The national park closed Jan. 9 saying most trail and road stream crossings were extremely swollen and moving quickly and that rocks and trees were falling on roads and trails.

The Campground on the east side remained open to visitors with existing reservations. The Campground is run by the Pinnacles Recreation Company, and visitors with questions and camping reservations should contact the Pinnacles Recreation Company for more information at 831-200-1722, or their website contact portal online.

It added conditions can change rapidly, and don’t always reflect the expectations of current weather when in more developed places like cities. For more information regarding the park’s current alerts click here.

BenitoLink Staff