Pledge donations grow, supporting our own local news

Take a minute and peruse the growing list of community members who have pledged their support for local online news.

BenitoLink Pledge of Champions Donations So Far Total $12,005! 

Thanks to INN's News Match and local major donors, donation amounts can be doubled up to $50,000.

Our annual major community fundraiser goes until Dec. 31. 

As we look back on the past year, we know these achievements could not have happened without the support of individuals throughout the county who care about current, accurate news and information.

1. BenitoLink reporters worked hard this spring and fall helping inform you on both candidates and issues in our local elections. We introduced you to every major candidate, and since 2016 we've been able to expand and broaden beyond the races for governmental positions to include health and education boards.

2. We provided the videos from our election forums and edited them to simplify viewing. We had a very successful collaboration on the election forums with our partners San Benito County Farm Bureau and Youth Alliance, and media partners Mission Village Voice and CMAP TV.

3. BenitoLink has increased our reporting on countywide issues that we know matter to you including healthcare, transportation, the environment, planning, education and profiling local businesses.

4. We have increased in-depth reporting, which requires time for thorough research and fact-checking. We continue with investigative reports like our series on the Hollister School District conflict with the county over financial issues and lack of transparency. 

6. We have expanded our team of reporters working countywide, adding new perspectives and including more coverage of events. With bilingual writers, we can cover broader areas of interest for our many Spanish-speaking community members. (Remember that we have Google translate in the upper right corner of BenitoLink!)

BenitoLink publishes new content every day. But it costs money to give you professional, accountable reporting and with growth comes additional expenses, like high quality insurance coverage and specialized reporter training.

BenitoLink is your community news, fueled by you, for you. Take part in building a more informed and engaged community by donating to BenitoLink.

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  • Mary Margaret Lanning
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  • Valerie Egland
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  • Julie & Joe Morris
  • Susan Logue
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  • Gary & Ria Byrne
  • Martin Miller
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  • Margaret Correa
  • Charlie and Lisa Tobias
  • Karminder and Randy Brown
  • Donna Swanson
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  • James O'Donnell
  • Linda Morrissey
  • Carol Hawkins
  • Trisha Green
  • Joan Sattler
  • Jennifer Coile
  • Willis Pack
  • Susan Modic
  • Kathina Szeto
  • Christine Breen
  • Devii Rao
  • Karson Klauer
  • Anita and Mike Cullinan
  • Lynn Overtree
  • Jim McWhirter
  • Leslie Austin
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  • Rebecca Salinas

Join this growing list of active citizens who have stepped up so the community can enjoy free news and information from BenitoLink. Make an annual donation or consider becoming a Sustaining Member, so you can keep local nonprofit news flowing by joining others who make monthly payments that fit their budget. All donations will be doubled up to $50,000 until Dec. 31.



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