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Poppy Jasper International Film Festival goes virtual for 2021

Online festival to feature films, short films, panel discussions and musical performances.

Information provided by Poppy Jasper International Film Festival.

For 2021, the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival  will be virtual and take place Wednesday, April 7 through Tuesday, April 20. The festival will include feature films, short films, panel discussions and musical performances.

The film festival will host China Day on April 10 where it will feature films including “Go with Your Gut” and “Unnamed Junior,” and short films “Pills and Joy,” “Family of Wusho,” “Left Behind Children,” “Underdog,” and “Angel’s Mirror.” All films will be followed by Q&As with the filmmakersMusical performances will include internationally recognized Chinese harpist Jieyin Wu as well as a Cheongsam fashion show showcasing traditional Chinese dress from Manchu Origin.

As part of Mexico Day, the festival will also award the legendary Mexican American band Los Tigres del Norte with its Icon Award during a special celebration. The band, which started in San Jose, California in the 1960s, is one of the most popular bands in Norteño music on both sides of the border. “La Puerta Negra,” “Golpes en el Corazón,” “De Paisano a Paisano” are just a few of their hits songs that have resonated with audiences across the United States and Mexico.

The festival will also honor El Teatro Campesino founder Luis Valdez, known as the father of Chicano film and theater for his work. Valdez is best known for his play “Zoot Suit” and his unforgettable and world-renown film “La Bamba.”

Muralist and local visual artist José Ortiz will also be honored with an Icon Award for his work and positive impact he has had in the local community.

“We are thrilled to present a festival for our audience this year,” said Festival Director Mattie Scariot, “as we feel more than ever it is important for the film community to support one another. We look forward to showcasing the diversity of storytelling to an even broader audience this year.”

Tickets will be available on the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival website.

BenitoLink Staff