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Proposed San Juan Alameda Plaza Developers Share Views And PowerPoint Presentation Given To The City

Interview with Gas Station/Commercial Plaza Developers

This article is in the interest of promoting understanding of the proposed Gas Station Commercial Project at the corner of Hwy 156 and The Alameda in San Juan Bautista, which has been approved by the City Planning Commission, but is facing an appeal by the Leal Vinyards, which is interested in developing the site for another project. 


This is from a conversation Harvey Dadwal, applicant, and John McCormack, broker of the Proposed Project, had with Bob Reid, Content Director of BenitoLink.


When asked of their experience of applying for the permit to build the project, Mr. Dadwal and Mr. McCormack said that they have had a "terrific relationship" with the Planning Commission and with San Juan City Manager Roger Grimsley and come up with a better project as a result. He noted it that, while it costs more money, it is also much better than the original design.


They noted that when applying, they took advantage of the opportunity to present an informal project review with the Planning Commission to get an idea of what direction would be most appropriate and what initial concerns the Planning Commission, and those in attendance, might have so that they could address those in their formal project.


Mr, Dadwal said that he felt the vision of the project has been executed very well with the input of the City Manager, the San Juan Bautista Planning Commission, and concerned residents who gave input at the Planning Commission meetings where they gave their presentations. 


Mr. Dadwal said that he has been interested in the property at the intersection for many years and it is excited to be able to execute the plan. "The appellant seems to want a different vision for what they want on the property." He said that he was told that by the City that they are "prepared to stand behind their work so far."


He said,  "The Winery project and the gas station complex can work well together. The project will be a bonus for the town." San Juan is too small to support any kind of local business so the money will be spent by people passing through. It will slow people down people driving through to possibly come into town."


Mr. Dadwal noted that, "There will be a lot of jobs generated. It will be a good start for kids who do not have to drive to get to work." “I don’t understand why people would be against the project.” He said he was happy to hear that there is a proposed project for the adjoining property. 


Commercial Real Estate Broker of the project, John McCormack said, "Once this first step is made, other entrepreneurs will step up to make investments in the town to bring more goods and services, Mr. Dadwal noted, “When the Visitor Center kiosk is there, it will promote the town to those stopping on their way through. 


It was Mr. Dadwal's opinion that the gas station/restaurant will work very well to capture money and provide convenience." He also said, “The City Council has shown confidence in the Planning Commission and it’s decisions.”


Mr. Dadwal said that when he approached those who live near the proposed project, 9 out of 10 people supported the project and that he has done everything he has been asked to do. He also noted that the Leal Vineyards could have bought both properties, but instead waited until they were already engaged in the project.


Mr. Dadwal serves as a Lions Club Board member, a Board member of the Monterey Convention and Visitors Center, and is currently a member of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce. He said that he intends to be involved in the San Juan Bautista community. Mr. McCormack is a Board member of the San Benito Business Council.


Mr. McCormack stated a concern that, “Serious developers will stay away if they see that the city is not going to follow through on is processes.”


To download the PowerPoint presentation of the Proposed project made to the Planning Commission, click here.

BenitoLink Staff