Public Art Mural Gains Support

Team of local artists earns grant from Community Foundation

The Community Foundation of San Benito County supports public art projects that involve and engage with local artists, residents, youth volunteer groups, and other contributors. With this in mind, it has awarded a grant to a team of local artists in their effort to enrich Hollister’s art culture.

Artists Phillip Ray Orabuena, Joel Esqueda, and Rolan Resendiz have teamed up in an endeavor to empower the community of Hollister. The artists aim to deter, discourage, and diminish vandalism of public property and other non-violent crimes through the use of public art. Currently, the team is working on an unrestricted mural on privately-owned property on San Benito Street — north of downtown — that will represent the historical landscape and culture of San Benito County.

Public art, in many ways, bridges the gap between generations and entices residents to support the local art culture and many artists seek support from local residents, community leaders, public officials, business owners, and organizations. This team of artists, in particular, strongly believes in the value and impact of supporting the art culture in our community. Projects like this support, embrace, and pave the way for a much more vibrant and diverse community. Orabuena, Esqueda, and Resendiz encourage the public to provide input and support as it relates to local art. Input from residents will help the team have a better understanding of the needs and wants of the community.

Please take two minutes and answer the following eight questions in this survey. The information you provide will be listened to and considered. You’ll hear back from the survey results on BenitoLink in the upcoming weeks.

Contact the Community Foundation of San Benito County if you would like to support public art projects.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of this project.

If you would like to follow the artists current art project join their Facebook group page:



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