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PUBLIC LETTER: Bob Kutz writes to DA Candice Hooper Mancino

Kutz says his son didn't get his day in court in a 2014 sexual abuse case that ended in a plea deal.

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On July 15, 2016 you completed a plea deal with sexual offender, Joseph Alvarado (Case # CR-14 -01781). You had originally charged him with 42 counts of sexual assault against 2 minors, aged under 16 to 18 and the following year you charged him with similar offenses for a third minor. One minor was his recently adopted son. Alvarado faced over 39 years in prison for these heinous acts. A fourth abused minor, my son Robert, had bravely stepped forward in December, 2014, to state that he had also been abused by Alvarado. It looked like this monster was going to jail for decades. 

Instead, you agreed to dismiss the first 24 counts concerning the first boy under the age of 16; dropped the charge made by his son; completely ignoring the 50 plus attacks Alvarado made against Robert, and only convict this animal with 13 counts against 1 minor that resulted in a maximum sentence of 11 years, and a $3900 fine that would be returned once his parole was completed.  He also had to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  Alvarado was sentenced to eleven years for over 90 sexual assault on 4 minors. Yes, D.A. Hooper, you got a conviction and saved the county money. But what about the victims?  Did you really seek justice for these victims of lewd and lascivious acts as the California District Attorney’s Association states are a D.A.’s duties? Was this deal really protecting the community with fair and equal justice?

As for my son, you ignored the crimes committed against him. We never heard why. Was it because he had an auditory processing disorder and dyslexia?  Joseph Alvarado groomed Robert by offering to show him his exotic pet collection just like the others. He was the same age as the other victims. Did you keep this deal quiet so the public wouldn’t find out about this miscarriage of justice? Six years later, Joe Alvarado is out on parole. A free man. Will he abuse again?  I hope and pray he doesn’t.

Today, I do not know how the three other victims feel about your deal or how they are coping. Robert suffered greatly.  Because of his abuse he developed trust issues, a distorted view of sexuality, intimacy and friendships. Everyday stressors caused inappropriate anger, fear, hyper-vigilance and anxiety in him.  He had flashbacks that caused him to re-experience his trauma and disrupt his sleep. He needed to sleep with a light on. Severe depression and weekly suicidal thoughts, sometimes daily, resulted in 2 suicide attempts. His severe frustration over wanting to tell someone about his abuse led to anger issues that caused him to destroy gifts and items in the house. Physical altercations with family members were not uncommon and conflicts at work caused him to lose many jobs. Alvarado had threatened him with physical harm if he told anyone. Robert waited until Alvarado was arrested and in jail before he told anybody in our family about his abuse.

My son told me many times “Win or lose, Dad, I just want my day in court.” Well D.A. Hooper, your actions have consequences. You ignored the courage it took to come forward, and made him feel like he didn’t matter. You decided that Robert’s victimization didn’t warrant any action by your office. Alvarado made him feel worthless and so did you. You made him feel like trash. You piled it on him just like Alvarado. 

Robert died March18. 2020. A monster is free and my son never got his day in court. Robert and the additional two victims will never receive the justice they deserved.  


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