Public meetings for the week of Sept. 13

Discussions include campaign limits, Highway 25 expansion project, financial reports and fiscal year budgets.

Public meetings are held by all agencies that provide services to the public such as government, school districts and water districts. The meetings, which are meant to increase transparency in the decisions that are made by local leaders that impact our community, range from quarterly meetings to twice a month. The following meetings are scheduled for the week of Sept. 13:

The San Benito County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet on Sept. 14 at 9 a.m. Meetings are held at the San Benito County Administrative Building on 481 Fourth Street in Hollister. Residents can attend in person and are required to wear a mask. The meetings are also streamed on Facebook, Youtube, CMAP TV and Zoom. Links and the complete agenda can be found here.

Supervisors will be discussing the following topics:

  1. A possible ordinance reforming campaign finance: 

The Board is requested to provide direction to staff regarding the following: 

  • Does the County want limits – Whether to proceed forward with a campaign finance ordinance?  
  • If so, determine positions to which the campaign finance ordinance would apply and desired limits (per donation or total donations) 
  • Discuss any additional disclosure requirements for donations less than $100
  • Penalties (civil, criminal or both; amounts of civil fines) 
  • Other direction/guidance

Recommended action by Supervisor Kosmicki: Direct staff to prepare a campaign contribution ordinance including the following:

  1. Individual donation cap of $500 per cycle (so $500 for the primary and another $500 for the general election);
  2. Eliminate the anonymity for donations of $99 or under to maximize transparency; 
  3. Limit applies to all county elected positions;
  4. Enact the law so it is effective for the 2022 election cycles; 
  5. Report violations to the FPPC for enforcement and penalties of up to $5,000 per violation. 


  1. Buying software program to access risk of recidivism:

Partial Staff Report: COMPAS is a proprietary automated risk and needs assessment tool.  It is a web-based software designed to assess offenders’ criminogenic needs and risk of recidivism.  Utilization of COMPAS will enable the San Benito County’s Reentry Program Manager to identify the risk level (for supervision level) and needs (identify criminogenic needs, appropriate referrals, targeted interventions) of inmates in an effort to reduce recidivism.  Deployment of a validated risk and needs assessment tool is one of the eight (8) evidence-based principles of effective intervention in Community Corrections.   

Financial Consideration

The total contract cost is $67,883 and will be paid with funding from the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP). Payments will be made upon completed milestones rather than lump-sum.  Annual maintenance and support costs for this software are $18,750.  The contract for this service is currently being reviewed and will be submitted to the CAO for signature if this contract is approved by your board.  The maintenance cost will also be paid through the CCP funding.  

  1. Rules and procedures of the Board of Supervisors: 

Partial Staff Report: The Board of Supervisors Rules and Procedures, which provide for the order of business at Board of Supervisors meetings, were updated in 2005 and 2020, and it is appropriate to review again and recommend relevant updates. The proposed amendments are to provide clarification and simplification of the rules and procedures and align them with current statutes and current practice. The County Administrator shall occasionally review these rules of procedures and make recommendations to the Board. The Rules of Procedures identify general expectations or standards that will be utilized to conduct County Business as they relate to the Board of Supervisors Meetings and will be discussed for further modifications with the Board on dates agreed upon.

  1. Amend contract for Union Road Bridge replacement project

Partial Staff Report: Approve amendment to contract with Biggs Cardosa Associates, Inc. to perform additional scope of services for the Union Road Bridge Replacement project, for an additional amount not to exceed $630,200.00 and approve a budget adjustment in the amount of $630,200.00 from Caltrans REIMB Grant & Traffic Impact Fees to Road Construction Costs.   The scope of services includes implementation of new stormwater treatment requirements, utilities coordination and potholing, additional right-of-way coordination, coordination and construction document work pertaining to environmental permitting, and construction support services. (4/5 vote required)

  1. Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) fund budget adjustment

Partial Staff Report: As we near completion of the Tiny Homes project on Southside Road it has been discovered that additional fire safety and accessibility improvements need to be incorporated to complete this project. Staff recommends appropriating $150,000.00 from the inclusionary housing fund balance to fund these improvements. Improvements include fire sprinklers for 5 units, fire related road improvements, and universally accessible paths throughout the project area.


At its September 8, 2020 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved Request for Proposals (RFP) No. PWB-2019 for a design-build firm to design and construct a Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) / Homeless Transitional Housing project at the migrant camp on Southside Road and authorized the advertising for proposals.  Staff advertised RFP No. PWB-2019 and received one responsive proposal from R3 Rehabilitation, Restoration and Respite.  On October 10, 2020, the Board accepted the proposal, awarded the contract to R3 Rehabilitation, Restoration and Respite in the amount of $1,029,680.00, approved the contract, and authorized the RMA Director to execute it upon receipt of all documents required in the request for proposals.  


San Benito County Planning Commission is scheduled to meet on Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. Meetings are held at the San Benito County Administrative Building on 481 Fourth Street in Hollister. Residents can attend in person and are required to wear a mask. The meetings are also streamed on Facebook, Youtube, CMAP TV and Zoom. Links and the complete agenda can be found here.

Commissioners will be discussing the following item:

  1. Construction of a storage structure and access driveway at 2250 and 2290 Shore Road. 

Partial Staff Report: OWNER/APPLICANT: John Tobias / Michael Tobias. LOCATION: 2250 and 2290 Shore Road, Hollister, CA.APN: 013-050-010. REQUEST: The proposed project consists of an application for a Use Permit (County Planning File PLN210003) and construction of an agricultural storage structure and access driveway for Tobias Farms, on a 0.71-acre portion of a 50-acre proposed project site. The project proposes a new 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse building to be used for produce/bin storage and for maintenance of farm equipment. The pre-engineered metal building would measure approximately 250 feet by 100 feet. A portion of the building would be used for the farm shop which takes care of maintenance, repair and fabrication of the farming equipment on the ranch. Maintenance of the equipment would include servicing and repairing tractors, farming implements, and irrigation pipe as well as fabrication of new implements to use in the farming operation. The other portion of the facility would be used for bin storage to support the company’s winter squash program, which lasts from September through December of each year. GENERAL PLAN LAND USE DESIGNATION: Agriculture (A). ZONING DISTRICT: Agricultural Productive (AP). ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration.


San Benito High School District is scheduled to meet Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Davis Library located on 1220 Monterey Street. The meetings are not streamed or available on Zoom. Residents are required to wear a mask. The complete agenda can be found here.

Trustees will be discussing the following items:

L-6 Certify the 2020-21 unaudited financial report. It’s an annual report regarding the final revenues and expenditures of the prior fiscal year. According to the report, total revenues were $44.7 million while expenditures were almost $39.7 million.

L-8 consider a short-term staff position for COVID-19 health services specialist for the 2021-22 school year. 

M-2 approve a school resource officer agreement with the city of Hollister. 


Gavilan Community College is scheduled to meet on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be available through Zoom. Links and the complete agenda can be found here

Trustees will discuss the following items:

5I- Approve contract for $12,700 with Earth Systems for soil percolation rate testing at the site of the proposed San Benito County campus. 

7A & B- Change board policy to reflect general counsel of the California Community College advisory about mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for students and employees.

8A- Public Hearing for 2021-22 budget.

8E- Approve contract with Lapkoff & Gobalet Demographic Research, Inc. for possible redistricting. Base fee is $75,000. 

9B- In-person classes update. 


Council of San Benito County Governments (COG) is scheduled to meet Sept. 16 at 4 p.m. Meeting is only available to the public through Zoom. Links and the complete agenda can be found here.

The regional transportation agency will discuss the following:

Reports from Caltrans on ongoing projects.

  1. Accept California State of Good Repair Program Funds totaling $96,116.
  2. Appoint members to the Measure G Oversight Committee. There are six vacancies. 
  3. Presentation on the 6th Cycle Regional Housing Needs Allocation and discuss potential methodology for distribution. State law requires COG to distribute housing needs based on jurisdiction, income and address five statutory objectives.  
  4. Environmental review alternatives and project schedule for the Highway 25 expansion project. 


Integrated Waste Management meeting on Thursday, September 16 at 10:00 am. It will be at the County Board of Supervisors chambers. Integrated Waste Management is for both the county, Hollister and San Juan Bautista.




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