R.E.A.C.H.ing Across America: Jim Ostdick begins his cross-country trek

Adventurer will walk -- and blog -- his way across America
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San Juan Bautista resident and retired San Benito High School teacher Jim Ostdick has begun his walk across America from the East Coast to California to raise awareness and money in an effort to connect San Benito County to the nation's historic trail system.

He rode Amtrak from California to Washington, D.C. and began his 4,000 mile walk in Delaware, following the American Discovery Trail on his path west.

The parkway is the focus of the Recreation, Exercise and Community Health San Benito Foundation's REACH Across America project. "If I'm successful and I can hike 20 miles a day, I will finish in late October," he said

BenitoLink will provide updates on Ostdick's journey as he heads back to California, providing photos and links to his blog.

As he prepared to take the first steps westward, he posted the following on Saturday, Feb. 20:

"In approximately twelve hours I will turn my back on the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Henlopen DE, hitch up my britches, and begin to walk to California. Whaaaaat?

Before I leave, I will be interviewed by the local NBC affiliate’s news reporter Ali Rosen. Whaaaaat?

I have spent the last five days in train and car pretzel pose, watching my hard-earned conditioning fade by the minute. Tomorrow I will push Bobalooie about twelve miles to Milton DE. Whaaaaat?

Don’t worry. I got this.

Note to San Benito County: eight months from now I expect a large crowd to greet me on Limantour Beach at Point Reyes. If KSBW’s news anchor Brittany Nielson isn’t there to interview me, I will be gravely disappointed.

Peace, Love, and OMG OMG OMG,

To read Ostick's blog, click here.

BenitoLink Staff