Reaching out to future Balers

Annual Feeder School assemblies give future freshmen a peek at what San Benito High School has to offer

The Feeder School Assemblies that are put on every year for the incoming San Benito High School freshmen are happening from Jan. 21-23, during which time SBHS student and staff representatives will visit Rancho San Justo, Marguerite Maze and all of the other small middle schools in San Benito County.

The Feeder School Assemblies present the incoming class a look into what high school is all about. They were started in the late 90s as a gang prevention measure. “The assemblies let the incoming eighth-graders learn about all the positive opportunities we have at SBHS,” said Student Activities Director Catalina Lemos.

Some of the things planned for the rallies include a performance by a dance team, cheerleaders and an Air Jam act. Many sports and clubs will be represented and a skit that conveys a message to make good choices will be performed.“This is a preview of what they are going to see, it gets them excited and it gives them a look into what they should get involved next year,” said Lemos.

Feeder school coordinators Elizabeth Paz and Ashley Slavich are in the process of organizing the events. “My favorite part about planning this event is seeing how all the students react to our hard work and I just want show them that high school in fact isn’t scary,” said Paz.

This year’s theme is “Adventure Time.” Auditions were held for the National Anthem and dance teams performances. Although organizing the events is fun, it is also can be stressful, said Paz.

Freshman Annie Breger talked about her experience seeing the Feeder School Assemblies last year. “It made me see how friendly high school was and I enjoyed the games that they played,” she said.

Last year’s Feeder School coordinator, Alonso Garcia, said, “It was a great experience because we were able to show incoming freshmen what high school was all about and how to make good choices.” He also encouraged this year’s coordinators to “plan ahead and make the best out of the event.”

This year changes to the feeder school assemblies were discussed, including calling it a “Baler Round-Up” and having all the students come to SBHS. It was not approved this year by the Board of Trustees, but will be taken into consideration for next year.