Residents support their local news

Individual donations of $1,000 or less will be matched up to a total of $35,000 until midnight Dec. 31 during our annual fundraiser known as Pledge of Champions!

BenitoLink’s annual fundraiser now shows $28,745 in donations made by community members. These citizens have shown that they value local news by donating during our important annual fundraiser, the Pledge of Champions.

Donations will be matched until midnight Dec. 31. Individual donations of $1,000 or less will be matched up to a total of $35,000 thanks to the help of the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Wolf Family Foundation.

BenitoLink readers and supporters are an important part of the BenitoLink community. They provide stories, events, comments, and give BenitoLink staff and reporters feedback on what they want to know more about. It is because of our donors that we can report regularly on local government, education, transportation, housing, and other important topics.

San Benito County residents are fortunate to have fellow citizens who care deeply about being well informed. Their financial support helps provide free news to anyone who goes to

Show your support by donating to BenitoLink and have your donation doubled before the year is over! Monthly payments by Sustaining Members can also be fully matched. Sustaining Members help provide year-round financial stability that helps maintain a lasting newsroom, here to serve San Benito County residents for years to come.

Thanks to the following donors who have taken part in the 2019 Pledge of Champions!

List of Donors as of Dec. 16 (in alphabetical order):

  • Michael Anderson
  • Mel Angel
  • George Ball
  • Robert Bernosky
  • Hugh Bikle
  • Jackie Bikle
  • Christine Breen
  • Linda Breslauer
  • Harriet Brin
  • Karminder Brown
  • Gary Byrne
  • Sandy Cabral
  • Sallie Calhoun
  • Matt Christiano
  • John David
  • Dan Dungy
  • Valerie Egland
  • Marilyn Ferreira
  • Kay Filice
  • Stephen Filseth
  • Vivian Fisher
  • Rosanne Herzog
  • Deane Judd
  • Kathy Kessler
  • Karson Klauer
  • Ramona Koch
  • Ken Kovanda
  • Jean Leirly
  • Carol Lenoir
  • Lois Locci
  • Robin Lucas
  • Bob Marden
  • Jerry Margorian
  • Stacie McGrady
  • Wm Mark Meiggs
  • Julie Morris
  • Lynn Overtree
  • Angela Perry
  • Bob Reed
  • Leslie Schwabacher
  • Susan Schwabacher
  • Maureen Serafini
  • Nazhat Sharma
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Sara Steiner
  • Greg Swett
  • Tom Walerius
  • Nancy Walters
  • Randy Wolf
  • Rebecca Wolf
  • Gerry Wright
  • Dave Wright
  • Sharma Ophthalmic Services
  • Women’s Club of Hollister

Thanks to everyone who has donated this year! If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to support BenitoLink during the 2019 Pledge of Champions and help us benefit from this wonderful matching donation opportunity.


BenitoLink Staff