Rethink your drink events encourage residents to make healthy beverage choices

San Benito County Public Health Services invites residents to join statewide pledge to drink water or naturally-sweetened drinks instead of beverages with added sugars.

This article was contributed by San Benito County Public Health Services.

On Wednesday May 8, San Benito County residents are encouraged to join Californians across the state pledging to drink water or naturally-sweetened drinks instead of beverages with added sugars, all in an effort to promote Rethink Your Drink Day.

San Benito County Public Health Services and CalFresh Healthy Living program are sponsoring various events in schools and at the Farmers’ Market. Health educators are also promoting “Healthy Victories,” a social marketing campaign of the CalFresh Healthy Living program. This campaign educates and supports individual and community changes that make it easier for Californians to eat healthier and be more physically active. These hands-on activities reveal the impacts of drinking sugar-loaded beverages while highlighting how small changes, like choosing a healthier drink, can lead to big victories for overall health.

“Making healthy drink choices can be easy when you’re armed with the right information, like how to identify a healthy option when you’re away from home or how to create a healthy drink with ingredients you have at home,” said Erika Perez, a health education associate with public health services. “Rethink Your Drink Day can inspire adults and children to take small steps for health like drinking more water.”

Research has shown that consuming too much sugar can contribute to obesity and lead to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and certain types of cancer. Sugar-sweetened beverages represent the leading source of added sugar in the American diet even though beverages aren’t always top-of-mind when people think about healthy eating.

“Now that I understand that beverage choices can add unnecessary sugar to our bodies, I’m ready to select healthier beverages like pure water or fruit-enhanced water at home and on-the-go,” said Hollister resident Heather Lopez. “I’m confident my family can make better beverage choices and I’m committed to celebrating even the smallest of everyday healthy choices as victories!”

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Samela Perez

Public Information Officer for San Benito County Public Health Services