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Reverse-angle parking planned for Monterey Street near San Benito High School

The city will create angled parking in front of the high school, north to B Street, to improve safety, driver visibility, add parking spaces and enhance traffic-calming efforts.
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This article was contributed by San Benito High School Communications Manager Adam Breen.

The City of Hollister has agreed to create reverse-angle parking on both sides of Monterey Street in front of San Benito High School north to B Street. This will occur on both sides of Monterey Street and will add additional spaces, promote improved driver visibility and easier loading and unloading of vehicles, all while enhancing traffic-calming efforts.

By creating the angled parking, Hollister is helping to reduce double parking that occurs on both sides of the street, as well as relieving parking congestion in the surrounding neighborhood. The concept of reverse-angle parking is new to Hollister, but it is not new across the country, as it is a staple in many communities.

Hollister officials have informed San Benito High School District that crews will begin the parking space striping on Thursday, Sept. 13.

A few key items:

  • 45 to 49 parking spaces will be generated from this project.
  • ADA parking will also be available.
  • Signage will be provided by the city at both the start and end of the parking spaces.
  • Some spaces will be marked green as loading zones directly in front of the school administration building.
  • The new spaces will reduce the pressure on other parking lots for staff, while providing visitors, parents and other community members accessible parking.

The City of Hollister recently placed multiple "School Zone" and 25 mph signs along Nash Street, West Street, and Monterey Street to help create a safer corridor around the campus. These measures, coupled with the new speed tables on Monterey and West streets, speed radars, and the pending 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekday closure of Nash Road once the bypass road south of campus is complete, all foster a safer environment around campus. 

In addition to the safety measures already completed or underway, the District plans to conduct a traffic mitigation study at the West and B Street intersection once the Baler Alley Parking lot reopens, in order to determine whether that should become a four-way stop.




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