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Rivas says he may urge county Board of Supervisors to pass resolution against Trump’s ‘racist and discriminatory’ agenda

Chairman of the San Benito County Board of Supervisors also says he'll call on sheriff and law enforcement officials to 'not comply with any deportation force that may be launched by' president-elect
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In the wake of the election of President-elect Donald Trump and subsequent protests over some of his policies, the following statement was provided by Robert Rivas, chairman of the San Benito County Board of Supervisors:

"Over the past few days, I have heard from many local residents who are immigrants. They are anxious, concerned, and frightened about what they are hearing on the news about Donald Trump's plan to launch a deportation force in the United States. I've heard from parents who are scared for their children. I've heard from neighbors, young and old, who are worried about agents showing up at their doorstep. These are loving people who have helped make this community great.

I have a message for them and for all residents of San Benito County:

Our diversity is what makes our community great. We embrace all people of all faiths and all nationalities in San Benito County. Women and men, regardless of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation are our neighbors and friends and they enjoy equal protection under the law. Period.

Furthermore, agriculture is the engine of our local economy. A deportation operation would decimate our agricultural workforce and our economy would fail.

We have yet to know for certain the extent or impact of President-elect Trump's immigration deportation policy; however, his racist and discriminatory rhetoric against immigrants and minority communities is cause for concern. When the time comes, I will urge my fellow members of the Board of Supervisors to work with other California counties and local governments and consider passing a resolution against Trump's controversial agenda and call on our sheriff and law enforcement officials to not comply with any deportation force that may be launched by Trump. Many other cities, large and small, have already expressed similar concerns. We should do the same right here at home.  

I am the son of Mexican immigrants. My mother and her sisters were born in Mexico. My grandparents moved them here in search of a better life. They committed their lives to giving back to their communities. My mom and my two aunts have spent their entire adult lives working as school teachers — educating thousands of our young students and helping them prepare to lead successful lives. 

We are proud immigrants and we have made our community stronger. Many other San Benito County residents share a similar background.  

San Benito County residents have no reason to live in fear. We will stand together, through what likely will be difficult days ahead.  

The future of San Benito County is bright. Let's stick together and work to ensure that this community remains a great place to live."

BenitoLink Staff