RJR Recycling

BenitoLink sponsors help keep news and information available to our community. With this new feature, we honor the folks who help keep San Benito County residents well-informed

BenitoLink welcomes readers to one of our new sponsors, a local business owned and operated by Robert Rodriguez II called RJR Recycling.  Our Sponsor Highlight section introduces you to the people behind businesses. Individuals who are proactive, choosing to support local news and information for the whole community's benefit.  

"I read BenitoLink because I like to read the opinions of regular contributors and members the public in general. It's not just one sided." wrote RJR Recycling owner, Robert Rodriguez II. "I believe that BenitoLink keeps the community informed on current events in the county and they do a great job at featuring and promoting local businesses." 

Started in 1995 by Rodriguez's father, who also happens to be named Robert, the company began as a recycling center and quickly expanded into commercial handling recycling and trash for schools and South County residents. While his father has since stepped away from the family run business, Rodriguez has been able to grow the company, turning it into the first and only transfer station in San Benito County. They operate seven days a week and in multiple cities and counties. Today, RJR provides recycling and trash services, construction site clean ups, and they have an on-site scrap metal and beverage container recycling center. 

As a local business, RJR Recycling has shown a commitment to promoting philanthropy within its organization, and has been a strong supporter of community-funded nonprofits such as BenitoLink.  "Local is very important to us, I have been fortunate enough these past few years to have contributed to over 30 organizations and donate over $30,000," said Rodriguez.  

Sponsors such as RJR Recycling help keep residents informed by providing funding for San Benito County’s local online news source. Individuals and local businesses have the chance to serve their community by supporting Benitolink, which provides information and improves understanding of local issues. To learn more about these opportunities, contact Leslie David, executive director of Benitolink.com. 

BenitoLink Staff