rotary speech winners 2017.jpg

Each year, local high school students come to the Hollister Rotary Club to give a Rotary-themed speech for the chance of winning money and the chance to advance to the next round at the area and district levels. 

The next round encompasses Area 6 clubs with winners from each of their clubs. The winner at that round advances to the District level.

“Congratulations to all our participants today, who were all inspiring and thoughtful,” the Rotary Club posted on its Facebook page.

Here are the winners of the Richard D. King Youth Speech Contest:

1st place: Mitchell Ross 
2nd place: Stevi Ray Page 
3rd place: Hernan Chavez 

“Thank you to Gracie Bolin-Mansmith, Vivian Hernandez, Noah Janzing, Holly Lampa, Megan Matthews, Hailey Robledo, Ian Sills, Katie Silva, and Isabella Veglia for inspiring us and making us proud with your awesome speeches,” the Rotary announced. “We are lucky to have such amazing youth leaders in our community.”