Friday Night Pedro at Tres Pinos Hall

The CattleWomen are off and running with our spring activities.  Our main focus is to help instill the coming generations with the love of our agricultural land, lifestyle and promote information about the livestock industry with the general public.


The first big event held this year was a Pedro Party held February 21nd at the Tres Pinos Parish Hall in Tres Pinos.  This was hosted by, Wrangler Charlotte Cabral with her trusty sidekick Co-Wrangler Jae Eade and CattleWomen Dianne Rodrigues, Heather Callens, Martha Tobias, Carolyn Renz, Sandy Williams, Cheri Holiday, Marie Pera, Rosemarie Bianchi, Charlotte (Punkie) Tranberg, Armeda Dooling, Jayme Stewart and Debbie Loos.   Lots of good food, loads of prizes, laughter and enjoyment of the game of Pedro filled the hall.   The proceeds from this event help with our Scholarship Fund and Beef Promotion activities.


Our next event was Farm Day at Bolado Park.  The SBC Farm Bureau and the local agricultural community host the county’s third graders to show them different aspects of agriculture that operate in our County.  CattleWomen Heather Callens and Allison Renz Clark co-chaired this huge event.  Many CattleWomen were involved with the day’s activities:  Carolyn Renz and Martha Tobias created a very informational and creative presentation about how many ways cattle help to improve our lives from the healthful aspect to the practical use of many by-products.


Guides and behind-the-scene helpers from the CattleWomen ranks were; Becky Cooper, Bonnie Rich, Cathy Alameda, DeeCee Donati, Nancy Griffin, Nenette Corotto, Jamii Eade Pura, Kori Hitchcock, Rosemarie Bianchi, Sally Silva, Sandy Williams and Shannon Renz Duncan.    CattleWomen donated Beef Jerky for the 957 third graders as part of their mid-morning snack.  Lots of planning and organization goes into this event which is amazing to see each year.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share our local agriculture with the 3rd graders, their teachers and parents.


The annual Cattlemen’s Dinner Dance was held at Bolado March 22nd with Wrangler Carolyn Renz in charge of the decorations and raffle held that evening.  The CattleWomen crew that assisted with the evening events was; Cheri Holiday, Sandy Williams, Nicole Nelson, Heather Callens, Martha Tobias and Shannon Renz Duncan.  Jayme Stewart and Jae Eade did a great job assisting Carolyn Renz with the raffle.  


Paul and Willene Wattis are hosting this year’s Ranch Tour in the Panoche area.  We anticipate a delightful experience and look forward to see some of the loveliest scenic areas of our county. Picnic lunches with friends will help make a memorable day.  Martha Tobias is Wrangler for the coordination of the event.  Members please RSVP to Martha by April 11th, as noted in the flyer you received.


The 6th Annual Heritage Night at the Historic 19th Hole in Tres Pinos will be held on April 22nd.  Jamie Eade Pura and Martha Tobias are Wranglers for this event.     The presentation for the evening will be “The History of the Southside Cemetery”presented by Wes Leiser.    Get ready for a wonderful evening with appetizers and desserts provided by the CattleWomen members and a Ribeye Steak Dinner with all the trimmings.  A special Door Prize will be awarded to a lucky attendee.  This event has filled to capacity in past years and we anticipate that again this year.


On April 26th, the day starts at the Hollister School District Office with an Educational AG Tours (EATS) workshop hosted by the SBC Farm Bureau where county teachers will learn about water and water conservation with age appropriate lessons plans.   This year’s theme of water has been created to provide a method to share knowledge of how efficient the farmers and ranchers are using water resources to provide the bounty of food produced in San Benito County.

The second phase of the EATS day will feature tours of the 101 Livestock Yard with a presentation by Jim Warren and Reiter Berry hoop houses. Attendees will see how these two Ag Businesses operate with appropriate methods for efficient water usage.   

After the tours, a mouthwatering BBQ lunch will be hosted by the SBC Farm Bureau and the SBC Cattlemen’s Association at the Brigantino Barn.  Tables at the BBQ lunch will have special decorations reflecting the hosting organizations contribution to the bounty of foods provided in San Benito County.  CattleWomen and Cattlemen will be hosting a table.

Cathy Alameda, a CattleWoman member and vegetable grower will have a produce display with recipes to help attendees understand the value of fresh greens and veggies that are so nutritious and available at our local stores.

At the end of the day the EATS participants will have received lesson plans appropriate for the grades they teach, a memory bag of new ideas for classroom learning and vegetable transplants for their school/classroom gardens.



The second event on April 26th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is the YMCA Healthy Kids Day at the Hollister YMCA site.  This day was created to provide information about YMCA programs, summer camps   and  allow other local organizations to have informational  booths which provide fun activities about health and wellness.  The CattleWomen’s booth, under the direction of Wrangler Sandy Williams and CattleWomen Cheri Holiday and Charlotte Cabral will have a bean-bag toss and beef recipes along with information about how many products are created by using beef by-products.


CattleWomen also have an ongoing commitment yearly to assist with the local Blood Bank held at the LDS Church on Cienega Road where Margaret Prewett and Sharon Hawkins assist by providing Beef Broth to those who donate blood.  They provide information on the healthful benefits of the broth and other beef products.


Terry and Tom Bengard were awarded a gift certificate for a special night on the town for being the longest married couple.  They were married in 1959 and therefore have been married for 55 years.  Congratulations to you both!!


We are grateful for the recent rains we have received.  Drought related conditions are so serious that many local cow-calf producers are selling calves much earlier than usual.  Ranchers who usually take stocker cattle are reducing the numbers they can sustain or are not taking cattle at all.  It’s been a challenging year already and beef producers are tightening their belts and being as creative as possible to withstand the severe lack of grass and water for their livestock.


We, the San Benito County CattleWomen are dedicated to support the livestock industry with our information about Beef and how good it is for you.  “We LOVE BEEF”.  We try to support this concept by providing factual, information that can be used to improve the daily eating habits of our community.