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​On Tuesday, April 15th, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors, yet again, made a bold statement to the business community in San Benito County and anyone else who would be interested in economic growth, development and job creation; Closed for Business! The Board of Supervisors took up the discussion on population growth in our county and decided to move forward with growth projections, not determined by us San Benito County residents, but by the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG).
As a local businessman, I could not be more ashamed of their decision. As many of you are aware, when franchises/businesses look to open up in new markets, one of the key internal policies is to look at population growth and roof-tops (demographics). Over the past year, I have been in communication with multiple franchises/businesses that are currently not available in our county or in the City of Hollister in hopes to bring in something new for our residents, families and children. If these businesses do not see the population numbers that would sustain their business, they will turn around and look for another community that is more business friendly. Right now is not the time for the Board of Supervisors to slow economic growth in our community. Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors decision to use another agencies population numbers instead of our own will kill our chances to attract new businesses into our community.
Kudos to Supervisor Barrios and De La Cruz for taking a pro-business stand for the County and our community. They understand the effects that this will have on our local economy.
Victor Gomez
Local Businessman
Councilmember – City of Hollister