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San Benito County says all educators have been offered COVID-19 vaccine

As of March 17, nearly 14,458 vaccine doses have been administered in the county.

Information provided by County of San Benito

On March 17, San Benito County issued a release stating that all teachers and other school employees working in K-12 education in San Benito County have been offered and provided the COVID-19 vaccination as requested.

According to the release, the accomplishment was a collaborative effort between the San Benito County Office of Education, San Benito Public Health Services, local districts, charter and private schools, and the local vaccine providers.

Reopening local schools and the timing of the opening is up to the school districts, and they are working closely with the health department to follow all Centers for Disease Control and state guidelines.

“We committed that we would vaccinate our teachers and education staff, and I’m proud we were able to do so,” said Tracey Belton, director of San Benito County Health and Human Services.

“Getting our children back into schools is an important milestone in our recovery. Now that teachers and staff have been offered vaccine, we urge all schools in the county to resume in-person instruction,” said County Health Officer David Ghilarducci.

San Benito County continues to make progress on all vaccinations. As of March 17, nearly 14,458 vaccine doses have been administered, and more appointments are being filled each day. Those who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine should Sign up at or call (833) 422-4255 to find out if it’s your turn. If you’re eligible, you can schedule an appointment, or register to be notified when one is available. In addition, several local pharmacies including CVSRite AidSafeway, and Walgreens, who are part of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership are currently scheduling COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccine and distribution process, visit To register for the state’s MyTurn vaccine registration and notification system, visit Residents can also call 2-1-1 for resource information.

BenitoLink Staff