San Benito County Water District issues safety statement

Groundwater sources (wells) would not be sources for COVID-19.

Information provided by the San Benito County Water District.

The San Benito County Water District (SBCWD) has issued a statement regarding drinking water in the county.

According to a March 16 press release, current treatment methods used by the water district in the two surface water treatment plants are sufficient to disinfect water for contaminants, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The district said drinking water provided to the Hollister urban area from imported surface water has been treated at two district-owned surface water treatment plants and is delivered to residences in the distribution systems of the city of Hollister and the Sunnyslope County Water District. SBCWD and the contract operator of the treatment plants (Sunnyslope) are responsible for ensuring that the treated water provided to local retail agencies is of the highest quality possible, meeting or exceeding all federal and state drinking water standards.

Existing required testing throughout the city of Hollister and Sunnyslope County Water District distribution systems require a chlorine residual to ensure water is clean and safe for consumption.

Groundwater sources (wells) would not be sources for COVID-19.

As SBCWD continues to monitor COVID-19, the district wants to reassure the community that this virus is not impacting the safety of drinking water in the Hollister urban area or the ability to supply water in San Benito County. There is no need to horde water.

SBCWD is committed to maintaining a high level of service as San Benito County responds to COVID-19. The water district will continue to provide a reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water to residents and businesses in the Hollister urban area and throughout the rest of the service area.


BenitoLink Staff