San Benito Food Workers Express Frustrations About Contract Negotiations With Demonstration

San Benito Foods workers picket in Hollister

Around a hundred people, mostly seasonally employed by San Benito Foods, picketed outside of the San Benito Food Company's complex on East Street in Hollister on Thursday. A good natured crowd chanted, "Si! Se Puede!" and carried signs indicating their feelings about how the contract negotiations, which began in January have been progressing. The marchers were joined by many permanent employees workers, as they took their lunch breaks from their jobs. 

Kent Rounds, Plant Manager of San Benito Foods, a Neil Jones Food Company, said that the workers "were all good people who were simply expressing themselves". He noted how friendly those gathered were being and said that, as he walked down the sidewalk past them many said, "Hello!" to him.

Oscar Rios, union representative for the workers, stated that they were currently in contract negotiations. He said the key stumbling block has been determining provision of Health Care coverage for the workers.


BenitoLink Staff