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San Benito GIVES to help fund South County Cal-SOAP scholarships

Organization is fundraising to provide scholarships for low-income and first-generation college-bound students

South County Cal-SOAP is a nonprofit organization that has, for more than a decade, helped low-income and first-generation students get into college and graduate. Cal-SOAP works in more than 25 schools from Morgan Hill to Hollister.

Kids who do not have college-graduating parents or are struggling through the daily hardships of a low-income family are less likely to succeed in college or to even go in the first place. Of those that fall into both these categories, and do make it into college, only 11 percent are prepared enough to actually get a degree within six years of applying.

South County Cal-SOAP is here to offer advising, tutoring, and college-awareness to the students who would normally not have access to this help. From academics to financial aid, Cal-SOAP creates a community that supports students in their higher-education goals.

For South County Cal-SOAP, the work doesn’t end at high school graduation. With the help of generous grants and donors (like you!), the Cal-SOAP scholarship program has granted more than $1.5 million worth of scholarships to both new and continuing college students.

This is an opportunity to directly connect our local community with the individuals who will shape its future.

San Benito GIVES is a 24-hour, team-fundraising event providing an opportunity to support 24 nonprofit organizations in San Benito County. The event is hosted by the Community Foundation in partnership with BenitoLink and Mission Village Voice. Please join us on this day of giving and support the organizations that are participating, more information is available at