News Release

San Benito Health Foundation receives federal grant funding

$546,244 are earmarked toward infrastructure support.

Information provided by the Office of Congressman Jimmy Panetta


Congressman Jimmy Panetta announced the San Benito Health Foundation was awarded a $546,244 grant for infrastructure support. The grant is part of over $4 million that were awarded within the 20th Congressional District.

According to the press release, the grants are part of strengthening primary health care infrastructure, advance better health outcomes in medically underserved communities, and support COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination.

Other awardees include:

  • Salud Para La Gente- $808,429.
  • Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- $1,076,510.
  • County of Santa Cruz-  $672,865.
  • County of Monterey- $1,017,066.

“As we experienced during the pandemic, our counties and community health centers are dependable and reliable cornerstones of our health care system on the Central Coast,” said. Panetta. “Fortunately, we in Congress recognize their invaluable service by ensuring that there are these types of grants through the American Rescue Plan. This direct funding to our counties and health care centers will help combat the spread of the pandemic, improve their accessibility and infrastructure, and support their employees and outreach to our underserved communities.”

This funding was awarded through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s, which has provided nearly $1 billion in awards under the American Rescue Plan, according to the press release.



BenitoLink Staff