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San Benito High awaits certification for softball field lighting

Demolition of classrooms begins in December; new classrooms and solar projects to come.

San Benito High School construction manager Rob Zimmerman updated the Board of Trustees on Oct. 26 about several projects throughout the campus including the softball field lighting, demolition of some portable classrooms and the development of solar projects.

Zimmerman said the softball lighting project, which was approved by the state architect in December 2020, is currently awaiting certification.  

Trustee Juan Robledo asked if there was consideration for bleachers or seating to be placed in the dirt area behind the softball field. Zimmerman explained that portable classrooms would be placed north of that section, when Superintendent Shawn Tennenbaum interjected and revealed there was consideration of installing a beach volleyball court behind the softball field.

“It is one of the fastest growing sports in the state of California,” he noted. 

However, Tennenbaum said that an assessment would need to be made on how to use the remaining space once its extra square footage is determined, to ensure that construction of the portables would take precedence before further plans are made.

Zimmerman said the abatement and demolition of classrooms 390 through 395 will begin in December. New classrooms will be built in that area. 

In order to make the new classrooms Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, a new fire hydrant will be added near the classrooms. Zimmerman said the project is scheduled to be completed, with ready to use, by the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning will also be added in the 500 Administration Building, scheduled for completion by the end of November. The solar project, which includes installing rooftop solar panels on the Career Technical Education Building and a solar farm south of the Science Building, is still scheduled for submission to the state architect in January 2022. 


Other Board actions

The board unanimously adopted a resolution to have the first board meeting following Sept. 11 each year as a Day of Remembrance in Honor of Capt. Jason Dahl and the crew and passengers of United Flight 93. 

“Obviously there is a special connection to Captain Dahl with our district,” he said, referring to Dahl being the brother of Carol Heidrich, administrative assistant to the superintendent.


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Jenny Mendolla Arbizu

Jenny is a Hollister native who resides in her hometown with her husband and son. She is a San Benito High School graduate, and received her BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and her MA in Education from San Jose State University. Jenny has written for the Hollister Freelance, San Benito and South Valley magazines. She enjoys meeting new people in San Benito County, sharing breaking news with the community, and spotlighting the county’s events and businesses. When not writing, Jenny can be found performing with SBSC, singing with the Hollister VFW, or working out at Cold Storage CrossFit.