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San Benito High School board certifies positive budget report

The current budget includes $522K in surplus funds.
District Chief Business Officer Roseanne Lascano presents information about the positive outlook for the district’s current and next two fiscal years. Photo by Sean Roney.
District Chief Business Officer Roseanne Lascano presents information about the positive outlook for the district’s current and next two fiscal years. Photo by Sean Roney.

San Benito High School board members unanimously voted March 8 to certify a second interim report of the San Benito district’s budget. 

SBHSD Chief Business Officer Roseanne Lascano presented data on the current fiscal year’s budget surplus and provided a positive outlook on a multi-year budget projection.

“We will meet our financial obligations this year and the next two years, and we have a very healthy budget,” Lascano said. “We are not deficit spending.”

Second interim reports are a statewide requirement of districts, which are put together with current budget information covering Oct. 31 through Jan. 31 of each fiscal year. Interim reports are an opportunity for the public and board to review the budget, its expenditures, and any changes from earlier versions of the budget.

Lascano said the district is projected to end the year with $522,000 in excess funds. She added the positive numbers were maintained even while the district hired teachers, counselors, social workers and psychologists for this year and next year. The report she presented showed in 2021-22, 68.86% of the district’s budget would be spent on employee salaries and benefits.

Lascano said the projection for the following two years was “fiscally sound” and was “meeting obligations with all the positions.”

The 2021-22 fiscal year showed $54 million of total revenues in the staff report. The projection for the next two years is as follows:

  • 2022-23: $46 million in total estimated revenues with $46.6 million in total estimated expenditures. 
  • 2023-24: $47.3 million in total estimated revenues and $45.9 million in total estimated expenditures.

Trustees also approved a $542,000 donation agreement with the Barragan Family for the Ray Barragan Stadium Bleacher Improvements Project. The project would make improvements to the stadium bleachers as well as the sound system, lights, and press box.

“It’s really impressive and we’re very fortunate to be blessed like this,” Lascano said.

Trustees also approved the description of a new administrator, a coordinator of college and career readiness, to be hired in the 2022-23 school year. The position would pay a salary range of $113,000-$128,000 plus benefits. That administrator will be tasked with providing oversight of the district’s college and career preparation program and will assist principals in program implementation.

SBHSD Director of Human Resources Cindi Krokower said the creation of the position was in response to the California Department of Education determination that the district had been performing poorly for multiple years in benchmarks that measure students’ readiness for college and careers.


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