Sand paintings done by SBHS students. Photo provided by Christina Ross.

Information provided by San Benito High School arts and ceramics teacher Christina Ross.

The San Benito High School Gallery of Art is set to hold an opening reception of student art this spring.

The reception is set for Tuesday, March 19 from 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on campus. Refreshments will be served in Room 172 and culinary students will bake delicious treats for the event, according to a recent release.

Guests can enjoy the entire exhibit by first entering at the main building and looking directly to the right to view the Healing Sand Paintings created by Mrs. Ross’ Art 1 + 2 classes. They showcase student designs created to heal ailments such as depression, anxiety, cancer, and the opioid crisis; inspired by the Tibetan Mandala, Rangoli, Australian Aboriginal, and Navajo sand painting styles.

To continue viewing the exhibit, guests can exit the main building through the ramp to the main quad. Turn right, then right again to follow the signs to the main Gallery. It’s located just outside of Mr. Ramirez’s office and in the sunlit hallway between his and the main office. On display in these rooms are realistic drawings in the form of scientific illustrations created by Mrs. Ross’ Advanced Art classes. The student artists use scientifically informed observation, combined with technical and aesthetic skills to accurately portray a subject. Ms. Toste’s Art 1 + 2 classes have displayed their zentangle selfies, selfies drawn on paper and designed with varying lines and colors creating a relaxing zentangle.

Shoes designed and built by Mrs. Ross’ Art 1 + 2 classes and 2-D Animations created by Mrs. Ross’ Advanced Art classes can be found in the District Office Meeting Room 172.

For questions, please contact Christina Ross at, (83) 637-5831 ext. 347, or in Room 347.