San Benito High School raises money to help Baler grad recuperate

Kaylin Dominguez is recovering from health issues following seizure

Every year, the San Benito High School Associated Student Body puts on a benefit drive for someone in the community (typically a current or former student) who is in need of financial assistance.

This year, the beneficiary is Kaylin Dominguez, a former softball player for the Balers and a 2010 graduate of SBHS who has been going through some tough times since April. Earlier in the year, Dominguez suffered from a seizure and due to the loss of oxygen and going into shock, she went into cardiac arrest four times which caused an anoxic brain injury, from which she is still recovering.

She will have to spend two years in a rehabilitation center to re-train her brain to do the tasks that she was once able to do. To raise money for the family to help pay its rising medical costs, ASB is sponsoring various events to help the family.

Some of the things they have been doing include going door to door, having “$2 Tuesday” where students donate to the cause, a fundraising walk-a-thon held Sunday Oct 19, and fundraising at local restaurants such as AJ Sushi, Best of Times Café, and Jardines.

The date for the Benefit Ball, where the money ASB has collected will be presented to the family, is still being discussed, however, it is expected to be sometime in early December. The fundraising effort for the Dominguez family will continue beyond the Benefit Ball and throughout the year.

Robbie Kelly