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San Benito High School to hold graduation on campus in 2018

The district has announced that the June 8 ceremony will be held on campus, rather than at Rabobank Stadium in Salinas, after a potential delay in the campus construction schedule has made the area near the practice soccer fields available

This article has been provided by Shaun Tennenbaum, Superintendent of San Benito High School District

Dear San Benito High School Staff, Students and School Community,

On behalf of the San Benito High School District, we would like to provide you with the most recent update on the 2018 graduation venue and announce the on-campus ceremony locations for the next three years. On Thursday, January 11, the district was informed that the Division of the State Architect asked for more information about one of our upcoming projects, which resulted in a new submission date and a potential delay in the construction schedule.

Based on that information, the district has decided that the June 8 graduation ceremony will be held on the campus soccer practice fields, as has been recent tradition, rather than at Rabobank Stadium in Salinas. We have also laid out plans for the next two years to ensure that Baler graduates will continue to have commencement on campus.

To assist with planning and continuity, the district is announcing plans to hold the 2019 graduation ceremony at the new multi-use facility, now under construction on campus, with the 2020 graduation ceremony planned for the new stadium, which is expected to be completed by the Summer of 2019.

The state’s request for more information has briefly delayed site work in the area of campus near Andy Hardin Field, which otherwise would have precluded holding the commencement ceremony on the nearby lawn, as it would have been a construction zone.

We appreciate the community’s support and feedback regarding San Benito High School’s graduation, from the parent Grad Committee, to local venue operators and landowners, and the staff at Rabobank Stadium.


            Shawn Tennenbaum, Superintendent              

Adrian Ramirez, Principal                     

Laurie Chavez, Graduation Coordinator



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