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San Benito LULAC Holds 29th annual toy drive

The toy drive continues San Benito LULAC's 29-year tradition of helping to deliver toys, hope, and joy to children in need during the holiday season.

Information provided by San Benito LULAC


San Benito LULAC announced it is holding its Annual Holiday Toy Drive and said it invites the community to make a difference in a child’s life this holiday season by participating.

The news release said residents can participate in the toy drive by completing four steps:

  1. Walk up to the holiday tree at Union Bank located at 330 Tres Pinos Road in Hollister. 
  2. Select a paper ornament with a child’s name and age. Take the paper ornament with you.
  3. Purchase a toy from your favorite local store and tie the paper ornament to the gift.
  4. Bring the gift back, with the paper ornament, to Union Bank and place it under the Holiday tree. 

The release said the relationship between Union Bank and San Benito LULAC dates back several years and that since 1993, San Benito LULAC volunteers have distributed thousands of toys to local children in need. 

“San Benito LULAC is incredibly proud to celebrate this 29th annual milestone and continue our long standing relationship with Union Bank to help make the holiday season brighter for children in need. We deliver joy by working together through efforts like the toy drive and our combined impact is that much greater,” The San Benito LULAC Board said in a statement.

The release added, “San Benito County LULAC extends an appreciation to those who have supported the annual toy drive and wishes residents a joyous holiday season!”

San Benito LULAC

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