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San Benito Real Estate Snapshots: It’s a seller’s market

Market Update, A Fresh Look, Water Conservation

As of June 12, there were 77 homes available for sale in San Benito County on the multiple listing service (MLS) used by Realtors to market their clients' properties. Does that seem like a lot of homes? No, it doesn't.  However, that is more than the mere 60 we had a couple of weeks ago.

There are about 90 homes in contract, going through the sales process of inspections, repairs, reviewing title reports and hazard disclosures, getting mortgages and down payments together, etc.

So what type of market does this information tell us? This is a definite sellers' market. That means there are more people looking for homes than there are available to purchase.

The higher the price, the longer (general rule of thumb) the home stays on the market. We have 17 properties in the million dollar-plus range. There are way fewer buyers for a million-dollar property than there are for a $400,000 property. Makes sense, right?

There are only four homes listed for less than $300,000 and add nine more when you raise the purchase bar to $400,000.  Whoa, doggies! Only 13 homes available for under $400K. These will probably be snapped up before the next time you read Benitolink!

This is a great opportunity for people who have been thinking of buying a bigger home in this market, or have been thinking about cashing out and moving out of state. If this is you, call your local Realtor today.


Perhaps your back fence looks shabby, or your patio furniture is a little worn around the edges. You may be tired of the scratches in the kitchen table, or looking for a brighter look in the bedroom. I have one word for you.


(You thought I was going to say, "Plastics!" like in The Graduate, didn't you?)

Whitewash is a thinner paint which goes on extremely easily, and is very forgiving. It's not supposed to look perfect.  It can be a great way to get a clean, fresh face on things. And you CAN add color to it.

Whitewash is one of the most popular trends in decorating this year. Worth thinking about, isn't it?


An Australian company, Nexus eWater, has recently been approved for use of its water reclamation system in California homes. The system, which costs about $10,000, consists of a recycling system which pulls in shower, sink, dishwasher and laundry water. It cleans it, and then the "gray water" can be used for flushing toilets or irrigation. 

Currently, KB Homes is using it in a test housing project in San Diego.  If it works well, the price should go down we more builders include it in their basic packages.  Has a lot of potential, doesn't it?  It would be nice to water the landscaping again.

– Nants Foley is the CEO/Broker at Four Corners Real Estate Group at 717 San Benito St. in Hollister. She may be reached at 831.801.5110 or [email protected] Visit her website at Have a question or topic you want to know about? Let her know.


Nants Foley - Broker Associate

Nants Foley is a real estate broker DRE 01222234 and writer who works throughout California. She makes her home at Quicksilver Farm in San Benito County.