North county terraces just above the tree line marking the San Benito River. Photo by Jim Ostdick.
North county terraces just above the tree line marking the San Benito River. Photo by Jim Ostdick.

Information provided by the San Benito Resource Conservation District

The San Benito Resource Conservation District makes conservation happen on-the-ground by partnering with local agencies on a voluntary basis to care for California’s land, water, soil, and other natural resources.

The San Benito Resource Conservation District (SBRCD) works to be a relevant, excellent, and visible district for natural resource conservation and agriculture on public and private lands. We are designed to evolve with the changing needs of people and the land, to ensure that San Benito County is home to thriving and resilient communities, landscapes and economies.

We serve rural, urban and suburban communities in San Benito County, and consist of conservation professionals and local experts committed to seeing our county thrive.

RCDs are deeply rooted in California’s communities

RCDs were first founded after the Dust Bowl in the 1930s to bring federal and state funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers so that they could voluntarily conserve water, soil and wildlife habitat on their land with the help of a local and neutral partner.

Spanning many generations, RCDs have maintained deep connections to farmers and ranchers, but most have also evolved with the changing needs of California’s diverse communities. Today RCD projects and programs are different, and our services often include habitat restoration, forest health, healthy soils, public education, landscape-scale conservation planning, climate resilience and assisting municipalities and the state in managing water use and preparing for drought and fire.

SBRCD always collaborates with their constituents on a voluntary basis — a key reason we are considered a trusted resource in our community.

Non-regulatory, trusted, and publicly accountable

The SBRCD combines the accountability and transparency of a public agency with the flexibility and non-regulatory approach of a non-profit organization. This allows us to adjust to the ever-changing needs of our community, build trusted relationships, and act as the crucial bridge that connects individuals with state and federal partners and programs.

The SBRCD currently has an opening for a board director. If you have a passion for conservation and want to help drive the direction of the RCD contact Camille Abreu-Woida, District Manager at  831-637-4360 ext. 2339

Contact Camille Abreu-Woida, District Manager for all your conservation needs.  831-637-4360 ext. 2339