To Whom It May Concern:

Per the Community and Board Meeting held at the Aromas Grange at 6pm on 27-OCT-2013, the San Juan-Aromas Little League will be shutting down operations. SJALL is ceasing operations because we do not have enough participants to properly build teams. This leads to younger kids playing with older ones who have more advanced abilities, and the older kids playing with younger, less experienced players. This situation is not good for any of the kids and leads to the kids feeling either frustrated or unchallenged.

There is some likelihood that people living in the San Juan Bautista elementary school boundaries will be expected to join the Hollister League, whereas people living within the boundaries of the Aromas elementary school will be able to join either the North County League (whose field is at Manzanita Park near the intersection of San Miguel Canyon Rd and Castroville Blvd, approximately 8.1 miles/12 minutes from Aromas), or the Pajaro Valley League (whose field is at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, approximately 10.9 miles/18 minute drive from Aromas). Another possibility is for families in the Aromas School area to request a waiver into the Hollister League thus avoiding separation from any friends they might have who live in San Juan Bautista. The Hollister League will most likely play in Hollister (approximately 17.5 miles/25 minutes from Aromas) AND at Abbe Field in San Juan Bautista (approx 6.3 miles/12 minutes from Aromas). 

While there will be no further general meetings of the SJALL board on this topic, parents should contact the District 39 District Administrator, Gene Carlisle, at (408) 859-1301

 or, da@d39ll.org with any comments, opinions, or concerns.


There will be a Board of Directors during meeting during which any outstanding bills our league may have will be paid, confidential player information will be collected and secured in a secure fashion as prescribed by Little League International, and all remaining funds in the League’s bank account will be transferred to Little League International, in conformance with the instructions of the parent organization. We are currently in a 2 week “cooling off period”. All outstanding bills need to be presented and paid by Saturday of this week (11/2/2013). Please forward any outstanding bills not later than 5:30 pm on Saturday 11/2/2013 to Bill Hernandez or bring them to the snack shack at Abbe Field so they may be settled in a timely manner.


Dave Matt
San Juan-Aromas Little League
White Sox