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San Juan Bautista City Council Meeting

Regular meeting of the San Juan Bautista City Council

City of San Juan Bautista


Tuesday, November 19, 2013 6:00 P.M.

311 Second Street, San Juan Bautista


1.  Call to Order

      Pledge of Allegiance

      Roll Call Mayor Tony Boch, Vice Mayor Andy Moore, Councilmembers Robert Lund, Jolene Cosio. City Manager Roger Grimsley, Assisstant CIty Planner Matt Leal, City Attorney George Thacher, City Treasurer Chuck Geiger, City Clerk Linda McIntyre, and Deputy Clerk Trish Paetz also present. Councilmember Edge arrived later

2.  Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda

Rachel Ponce spoke about the helpfulness of a Central City Calendar so that organizations can coordinated meetings due to the obligations of the various participants in boards and meetings in order to be respectful of people’s participation, She shared a copy of the school’s calendar as an example.

Daniel Cowell, the Race Director of Double Race, wanted to get feedback from the council on how to make it a better event. Councilmember Cosio noted that it was well organized and if they continue it should grow. She suggested local advertising. He noted that participation of local runners. Bob Andersen noted that he has been running the Mission 10k for many years and he and his wife love the town and look for ways to use the town for it’s beauty and people. He said that they are happy to be able to have the event and hope that it will be an annual event. Another runner spoke and said that the San Juan Double Race was his first race and he enjoyed it even though he didn’t win. He is looking forward to running the race again next year. Bob Anderson noted that there had been a major race in San Jose which drew 13,000 runners. They are looking at doing the race Sept 20 which will be a week earlier. He noted there could be 1,000-1500 runners and asked if that might be a problem for the city. The Mayor noted that in the past the Antique Flea Market drew 60,000 people to town.


3.  Presentations, Informational Items and Reports

Presentation of Fiscal Year 2013 Audit – Bryant/Jolley, Auditor

Ryan Jolley, the auditor with Bryant Jolley issued an unqualified opinion. He noted that there is almost a whole page of information. He noted that the report on the General Fund looks “pretty healthy overall”. He noted that in comparison to the budget the net income exceed the expense by $130,000 the Water Fund has a surplus of $29,000 and the Sewer Fund, $30,000. He noted that the City has been making it’s regular payments. The City brought down the interest rate of the Pavex note which was good. The funds are operating as intended. No internal weaknesses in the procedures of the City. There were no exceptions to the comments they made. He thanked the City for doing a great job in getting the information to them in a timely manner. Councilmember Cosio asked for clarification about the current liability Jolley explained that $3.395 million is since the Water/Sewer Fund has not been able to pay off the debt due to low revenue. Public Work $176,000 budgeted and the actual was  $600,000. It was explained that this included the road work done in the City. The Mayor thanked Mr. Jolley and hoped he would be retained again.

Monthly Financial Statements – Treasurer’s Report

City Treasurer Chuck Geiger reported that “things look good!”. The City is in the 4th month of the yearly cycle. He noted that during the last 30 days the General Fund has been impacted that there were Tax Revenues which hasn’t been posted yet and the Quarterly payment of the Fire Contract. The Debt Payment on the State Mandated Reclamation of the Water were paid, these are once a quarter payments. He noted the reduction of the debt with Pavex which will show returns over the long term. He noted this was a good move. The last 30 days the revenue was lower than projected and so were expenditures. He said this was due to good fiscal management. Councilmember Edge asked about the warrant to Youth Alliance which was a grant passing through the City. Geiger noted that the Firehouse is almost complete and is a showplace for the city. It is estimated now to come in at less than $100,000. There were PG&E bills which were rolled over which were $5,000. The city is looking at ways to reduce the cost of power. There was discussion about replacing old equipment with more efficient  equipment. He reported that the agreement has been signed with HDL which has to do with tax revenue information due to the City being tracked.


Library Report

no comments

Fire Chief’s Report

Fire Chief O’ Connor noted that the contract has been signed with South Santa Clara for an auto-aid agreement which is moving forward through their board. They have begun a Boy Scout Explorer program for Fire Sciences. They are now recruiting for that program. They currently have 5 participants. There were 31 calls in San Juan last month, and 94 since consolidation.

There are 1400 sq. miles of area in the County. Most calls are still in Hollister. Mayor Boch noted that at last night’s Neighborhood Watch meeting someone volunteered to paint the curbs. Mayor Boch noted that someone asked him why the hydrants weren’t being flushed. He noted that the City does not have the water to waste. Chief O’Connor said the flushing is to clean out sand and debris. Flow tests needs 1500 gallons a minute. They test to see if there is sufficient flow for fire suppression. He will have flush and flow testing schedule. Councilmember Lund asked if the South Santa Clara auto aid included EarthBound Farms. The Chief responded “only if called”.

  Sheriff’s Report: Monthly Activity

Deputy Tony Lamonica introduced himself as the patrolling officer in San Juan. He is currently the operations officer for the Sheriff’s Department. He thanked the City Manager for making him welcome. He noted that they have temporarily replaced Deputy Rich Brown. He noted that the Sheriff would like to increase coverage to San Juan Bautista. He reported that there were 11 reported incidents in the past month. Citizens have been calling Deputy Brown’s cell phone number. which is forwarded to his office. He reported that now there is better service. He is working the city to come up with new ideas.Mayor Boch asked the Sheriff to ticket any 18 wheelers in town, except the beer trucks. The Deputy encouraged the community to call them so they can Councilmember Cosio asked him to be a speaker at their Neighborhood Watch meeting in January. She asked for incident reports for the past month. She noted that most issues seem to be traffic related. Deputy Lamonica again encouraged  people to call the Sheriff. He sees a drop in calls in San Juan. Mayor Boch noted the theft of the Bronze plaques from the VFW, the mission and the Cemetery. the Deputy noted that they have an Ag detective communicating with the recyclers to keep track of this.

Public Works Report – City Manager Grimsley

The City Manage said that they are completing the work at the Sewage Treatment Plant. They are working with Reclaimed water. There was a water rupture which has been repaired out on Mission Vineyard. He said they are seriously considering retiring the line and replacing it. The bump out on Hwy 129 will be addressed when the weather permits paving. The Reclaimed water will be utilized when the green light is given. Councilmember Cosio noted the potholes on Old Lang street. He noted that the garbage trucks keep deteriorating the road due to the moisture in the road.

Code Enforcement Report – Assistant City Planner Matt Leal

Assistant City Planner Matt Leal reported that the Planning Commission recommended looking at the conditions of approval at Harvey’s Lockup to see what remains to be completed. He reported that trees at an intersection need to be trimmed to address a visual hazard to vehicles stopped at the stop sign viewing pedestrians. Councilmember Cosio asked about some weed abatements she has been made aware of ML said he has not had time to look into it.

City Planner Report – City Manager Roger Grimsley /Asst. Planner Matt Leal

The City Manager reported that the Brewery project is moving forward and he will be continuing through the Planning process. He noted that there has been a conversation about the limiting language of the restriction on formula businesses, which continues.

 Asst. Planner Leal reported on the General Plan update. The students conducted the first meeting after the inventory. Cal Poly had a “Plan Van” out on the streets to meet people where they are. They asked the same questions asked at the First Community Meeting. At the Second Community meeting, the community was asked to prioritize the problems and solutions. The next meeting will be held probably in the beginning of February. He noted that the turnout at the second meeting was about the same as the first meeting. The Plan Van included input from people who hadn’t attended.

The Housing Element has been submitted and is awaiting the approval. Cal Poly is updating for Cycle 5. The City must incorporate “supportive” and “transitional” and “emergency” housing into the municipal code. The Planning Commission will be conducting meetings and hearings. The City Manager explained that transitional housing is for those who may be coming out of an institutions and in need of supportive situation.

  City Manager Report 

The Fire House is moving along. The Tax Sharing agreement negotiations are continuing with the County. The County Board of Supervisors has requested a fee for a Juvenile facility. They have also asked to include intention to work with the county to achieve goals for housing needs.

Public Meetings and Committee Reports   

Councilmember Cosio noted that the AMBAG has received a clean audit. She reported that Neighborhood Watch wants a monthly printout of crime. Attending a  meeting about Renaming Hwy 25, it was thought that Scenic Highway designation might be more effective than renaming. Mayor Boch reported that the Intergovernmental Group talked about the County Library situation. He noted that the Water District will address leaks for free.


4.  Consent Items


Approve Affidavit of Posting Agenda
Waive Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions on Tonight’s Agenda Beyond Title 
Approve Resolution 2013-XX for Street Closure (December 7 Christmas Parade

       on Third Street)

Approve Minutes for the September 17, 2013 Regular Meeting
Approve Minutes for the October 15, 2013 Regular Meeting
Approve Resolution 2013-XX Accepting the Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Audit
Adopt Resolution in Support of ACWA’s Statewide Water Action Plan
Approve Resolution 2013-XX Authorizing the Extension of the Service Authority 

Agreement for the Abatement of Abandoned Vehicles 

Approve Resolution 2013-XX Supporting Senate Bill 405, Phasing Out Single-Use 

Plastic Bags in California

Approved with corrections to D and E


5.  Action Items 

Request by Council Member Edge that the Council Consider Addition to the Strategic Planning Committee Membership 

Councilmember Edge noted that he has no additions, but he noted that several others are leaving because they would prefer to participate in the subcommittee meetings. Anyone can attend the meetings. Dan DeVries, Kinan Valdez and Val Egland and another.

  Consider Reclassification of Certain City Positions

City Manager suggested that the person handling the office of Finance Clerk should be Finance and Office Manager Clerk. Administrative Service Manager should be renamed to an appropriate classification  Public Service Maintenance needs to be reclassified to equalize the position, which would all be approximately $36,000 to the expense of the City. Councilmember Cosio asked why the City Clerk would receive a 2 step jump. She said she was not sure the budget could bear that this year. Vice Mayor Moore suggested that the whole package be addressed at the same time and see it in the budget for the upcoming year. He thought that some people were being left out. He commended everyone for doing a good job. The City Manager noted that San Juan is unique because many of them wear different hats and are able to respond in different roles. He wanted to recognize that this are dedicated employees doing a great job and this would reward them. Councilmember Lund asked if 40 days is going to make that much difference. Vice Mayor Moore suggested that they might consider it in March and make it retroactive if desired. Mayor Moore said that he thought these people deserve the raise and he would like to see the Council do it. Councilmember Cosio was concerned that there were two separate things; the reclassifications, and the raises. She supported the reclassification. Councilmember Edge moved to accept the City Manager’s recommendation to reclassify and give the appropriate raises. Motion passed

Consider Participating in the Community Choice Aggregation Project Development Advisory Committee

Brennan Jensen spoke in support of the participation in the project. She noted that this is being led by Supervisor McPherson of Santa Cruz there are 16 representative members. They are looking to gain members to the committee to conduct a feasibility study to see if it is feasible for this area. PG&E would still distribute energy, but the entity would choose how energy is produced and where it comes from.The biggest benefit is from economic benefit due to dollars which stay in the community, which may create green jobs. The goal of the program is to provide an increase in renewable energy. Marin is providing 50% of renewables to 91,000 customers.  She commented that the program looks good on paper, but there needs to be a feasibility study to see if it makes sense for the region. She said that they looking for a member, or entity to serve on the committee and to allow the energy use information to be made available for the study. This would not require any funding and the decision to join the Community Choice Aggregation Project would be made at a later date and is not necessary for the initial participation in the study. Councilmember Edge asked if the power is available to PG&E, why aren’t they buying it from these people already? He asked if the money is diverted from PG&E when does it get returned to the rate payers. Ms. Jensen noted that PG&E has to answer to their share holders. One option might be to invest in renewable projects, or education projects, or to return that money to rate payers. She said that this decision would be made by local entity, rather than shareholders of a corporation. She noted that this is an opportunity for small entities like San Juan Bautista to have an opportunity to negotiate as part of a larger entity. Adam Goldstone of Hollister Public Works has offered to serve as San Juan’s delegate. Councilmember Cosio asked if the word “provides electrical power” was appropriate. it was explained that it was. It was noted that there is a fee for obtaining use data from PG&E. The City must be a participant in order for people to be able to participate. Individual homes could choose to participate, or not to participate. The idea is to provide more choices in the marketplace and to reduce the time-frame of increasing renewable energy usage. There would be a cost to the City, depending upon the result of the feasibility study identifying the appropriate strategy for the project. The investment funds in Marin were repaid within three years. The City Clerk suggested that “at no cost to the city” be added at the end of the 4th, 5th and 6th “whereas”. This was agreeable to Ms. Jensen. 

Resident Chris Martorana encouraged the Council to pass the resolution. The resolution was passed with the changes “no cost to the city”.


Consider Contract With Bryant L. Jolley for Financial Audit.

Resolution 2013-39 passed 

Adopt Procedures for Annexations – City Manager Grimsley

City Manager Grimsley reported that he has been looking at the Annexation procedures need to by addressed he noted that, in the past, the origination has bypassed the City. He suggested that there needs to begin at the City level, so that there is a beginning of a petition to the City Council. If the City cannot provide services, it would stop the annexation process, unless the applicant can bring in the services. This would be non-cost. After this, the normal planning process would be in place.

Councilmember Edge asked if the forms give the city the ability, or if the city codes need to be changed. The City Manager replied that the forms presented would provide the ability. Asst. City Planner Leal noted that this would give the applicant an answer from the City without cost to the applicant. It was noted that the City would determine whether it was possible to provide services and would recover the cost of this determination in the rest of the Planning process.

Council approved of the process



City Council

Councilmember Cosio Rotary is sponsoring Dec 7 parade forms are available.

  City Manager

The Council has been offered a private tour of the Courthouse Facility by Gil Osorio. The City Manager has met with school about providing emergency service to the water district.

City Attorney


7.  Adjourned


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