San Juan Bautista City Council Report July 16, 2013

Report of San Juan City Council Meeting of July 16, 2013

City of San Juan Bautista

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
6:00 P.M.
311 Second Street, San Juan Bautista

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1.  Call to Order
    2.  Pledge of Allegiance
      Roll Call Mayor Tony Boch, Vice Mayor Andy Moore, Councilmembers Rick Edge, Jolene Cosio, and Robert Lund present. City Manager Roger Grimsley, Assistant City Planner Matt Leal, City Attorney George Thacher and City Clerk Linda McIntyre and Deputy Clerk Trish Paetz also present.
 Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda

3.  Presentations, Informational Items and Reports
A.  New Courthouse Update – Judge Stephen Sanders
Superior Court Judge Stephen Sanders reported the state of the courthouse building- the budget. He noted the extensive cuts at the state level. He noted that the state has suffered severe reductions. $260 million was cut from the Judicial branch. The annual allocation to the state court has been reduced. He notes that there has been a fair sized reserve put aside. Last year the State Legislation took half of the reserve and this year the remainder. There is a cap of 1% for reserves. The annual reduction will be several hundred thousands of dollars. The Judicial Branch is given funding from the State Legislature and then the Judicial Branch allocates to the local courts. There have been no service interruptions yet. The court is maintaining the level of service. The court has been the busiest court in the state judged by workload of each judge. Judge Sanders explained that 10 or 12 years ago the facility in Hollister was judged unsuitable. The State took over the Court Houses and judged 224 to be unacceptable. San Benito County was number 8 of the worst 224. The Courthouse is expected to be finished in the Fall, by the end of October. first proceedings hoped to be scheduled by the end of the year, or beginning of January. He showed photos of the courthouse, noting the glass which will be passive solar to improve cooling and heating. There will be  court rooms and a jury room which could serve as a fourth courtroom. He thanked the City Council for being a “Justice Partner”. He noted the participation of former Mayor/ Councilmember Priscilla Hill in the planning and decision. He noted it will be a secure facility and full screening for weapons. This is a single use facility, it will be only for the court. The state expressed a preference not to have a County/State mixture of offices as was the case in the old configuration. The Assessor/County Clerk, etc is remaining. The County will own the building. He offered to return to inform the Council about court matters. He noted that all parole hearings will be now be handled by Superior Court. He noted that the Family Services and the Self Representation sections will join the new facility.

B. Legislative Update – Assemblyman Luis Alejo
Rep. Luis Alejo reported that he had just come from a groundbreaking on a courthouse in San Jose which has also been underway. He sympathized with the Judge’s feelings about the State’s taking of the funds.  He noted that he has been a champion of the court receiving adequate funding so that they can serve the public. He noted that some of the decisions he made had become controversial due to cost overruns. He is supportive of the restoration of funding.
He gave an update to the council and citizens noted that he and his wife were married here a few months ago, He is serving on the Environmental Safety Committee. He noted that he was interested in the discussion on Fracking in San Benito County.
He introduced his staff and noted that he has office hours every Tuesday in Hollister. He noted his district has changed and now represents the Big Sur Coast. and Morgan Hill. He noted that the toughest part of his job was making tough decisions. He noted the cuts in child care, education, elder care. He notes that the projections for the budget are promising, but the state must be fiscally responsible. K-12 education is receiving money and expanding health care and higher education. The Middle Class Scholarship for anyone making $100,000 or less can apply for scholarships. The are also working to lower the tuition rate at state schools. He also has talked with Ken Underwood from Hazel Hawkins about the 10% Medicare cuts to the the elderly programs. Most of these programs have not been able to survive. There are nearly 200 seniors who utilize these services. How do you create tools to attract jobs to San Benito County. He noted that 70% of the programs was going to the larger population areas. Now companies which buy capital equipment can now apply for a tax credit. Companies expanding from out of the state can also qualify for a tax credit. The existing program in Salinas, gives credit for someone hiring returning veterans. He expressed his desire to be available to the community and wants to come to the council rather than waiting for them to come to him. He is also authoring a bill AB 1080 to create a new tool for local cities to be used for affordable housing or addressing blight, to replace Redevelopment Agency. He invited the City Council to send a letter in support of AB 900

C. Breastfeeding Awareness Month Proclamation
Angelita for the San Benito Health Foundation and Rosa Fernandez from San Benito Health Foundation invited the Council to the Health Fair and a 9-12 Breastfeeding Walk and an Open House from 4 to 7 PM. Mayor Boch read the proclamation declaring August Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

D. Health Centers Week Proclamation
Mayor Boch read a proclamation proclaiming August ?? Health Center Week.
Farmworker Health Week was also proclaimed for  August 11-17. It was reported that there was a mobile van resource to the community in addition to the health center.

E. Monthly Financial Statements – Treasurer’s Report
The City Manager reported that the end of the year reconciliation of the expenditures is still being done. The City Accountant is working on this until the audit in October. There were questions on the Bracewell contract which $22,000 was related to the purple valve project. Councilmember Cosio noted that this was the second time that there was a large increase in payment. The City Manager noted that there were changes that had to be responded to. Mayor Boch asked about the CALPERS payment for the benefits. The process has been changed for payment which used to be electronically transferred, but now the city is cutting checks.

F. Library Report
No comments

G.  Fire Chief’s Report
San Juan Chief John Fox reported 12 calls in the City 16 and in the County. The construction of the living quarters is under construction. hHours for the Fire Captain are 7:30am- 4:30pm.
The City has changed engines and found that the exchange works well due to the similarity in engines. The sleepover program has begun. Wrote a $4000 grant for boots and gloves. Also a grant for $7200 which is written to reflect number of people in department. Hollister Fire Chief Mike O’Connor reported 138 calls averaged 5.7 volunteers per call. The transition to Hollister Fire noted that the system has maxed out four times. There had 8 engines all staffed and engaged. He noted he would love to have more people involved. There are driver classes coming up. He thanked the City Manager for the quickness of the living quarters construction. He noted the quick response to the fire in San Juan Canyon. He thought there was good teamwork with CALFIRE, San Juan and Hollister worked together “fairly well”. Councilmember Cosio asked if anyone has stayed in the three beds. He replied that they had other arrangements, until the building is complete. The number of reserves is about 67 reserves and the desirable number is 80. There will be internships with the colleges which will begin in October. There are more reserves in the pipeline. Chief Fox noted that the number moves due to people’s status. He noted there were no Motorcycle Rally calls in San Juan over the weekend. The Council thanked the Chiefs. Councilmember Lund reported that response times are under a minute.

H.  Sheriff’s Report: Monthly Activity
Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Brown noted that there are two reports one specifically from the July 4 Rally. He noted an attempted murder burglaries at Windmill Market and the Post Office. He said he had a reserve officer with him, which helped. He noted incidents of stolen vehicles, missing and found persons. He noted that there were a lot of fireworks going off in town. He suggested that those people could get together and pool their fireworks resources and put on a great show for the community. He noted that in the incident of the attempted murder, Neighborhood Watch was an aid in finding the suspect. Councilmember Lund reported that there were 7 Sheriffs units on scene. The two residential burglaries were two unoccupied residences. Councilmember Cosio noted that at the Neighborhood Watch Meetings people are concerned about drug activities and if they are fueling the burglaries. He noted that there are drug issues and he is hoping to have some speakers address the drug and gang issues to the council.

I. Public Works Report – City Manager Grimsley
City Manager Grimsley reported about the Reclaimed Water Project. He said that the City has not yet been approved to use the Reclaimed Water. The projects at the Library, CreekBridge and Abbey Park are in near completion.  The Firehouse extension is making headway and the Maintenance Crews have done a fantastic job on it. He thanked Pat Garrat for his participation. Councilmember Cosio asked if the City is on track with the timeline, he asked for a 3 day extension due to needing to put the project back out to bid.

 J.  Code Enforcement Report – Assistant City Planner Matt Leal
Assistant City Planner Matt Leal gave the report. He noted that they had sent letters out to property owners to abate dry grasses in preparation for the July 4th holiday. Some have not yet responded. It was suggested that the locations be noticed at the location. Concerning the SIgn Ordinance, there was a special meeting at Dona Esters at which business owners and residents gave their opinions and concerns. He noted that the CIty Staff is crafting an ordinance that the businesses and residents can be supportive of. Some of the concerns were allowing them to inform the public that they are open. He is suer there will be another meeting. City Manager Grimsley said that the meeting was very productive and he thinks there can be a workable ordinance crafted that everyone can support.

K. City Manager Report
    The City Manager reported on the process of the building of the living quarters for the fire fighters at the station. The Old Brewery had a hearing and adopted 41 conditions for completion. The rehabilitation of the building will have to be demonstrated during the design process of the project. There will be driveways off of Franklin Street and The Alameda. There were no appeals filed. The owner, Mr. Serna, is going to begin moving ahead with a team to comply with the conditions of approval.
     The Planning Commission has noticed that during the school year the number of buses clog Second Street. They recommend that the council discuss with the State Park and Mission to see about provide space to park the buses. He noted that there has ben increased use of the parking lot in front of the soccer field. It was suggested that perhaps the mission allow the buses to use the lot across from the Community Center. The City Manager suggested that the City was willing to help make the area more suitable for safe transport of visitors, by grading and leveling the lot. The value of bringing kids to San Juan is of great value to the City was noted.

L. Public Meetings and Committee Reports
     Councilmember Cosio noted there was a good Neighborhood Watch meeting. She asked if it is a problem if three members of the Council show up to a meeting. The City Attorney thought it would be okay as long as they did not discuss anything in their role as a  City Council member. The City Attorney said he would check into the specifics.   She reported that the Neighborhood has taken over organization of the meeting. The next meeting will be on August 19th in the City Council Chambers.  They hope to have speakers and a forum to help all residents know when to call 911.
     Councilmember  Edge reported that LAFCO adopted the budget for coming year San Juan’s share went up about $1200. LAFCO hired an Executive Officer which is partly responsible for the increase.

4.  Consent Items

A. Approve Affidavit of Posting Agenda
B. Waive Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions on Tonight’s Agenda Beyond Title
C. Approve Minutes for the April 16, 2013 Regular Meeting
D. Approve Resolution 2013-22 Authorizing City Holidays
E. Item 4B was discussed separately


5.  Action Items
A. Consider Proposal to Increase Community Hall User Fees for Non Profits
The City Manager reported that some of the groups explained that the fees were difficult for them to pay. If they have to put up the money every week it would be prohibitive. The continued users have to put up a non-refundable deposit. Pauline Valdivia spoke on behalf of Jovenes. She noted that the facility has gone through various renovations. Jovenes moved to a church during renovation of the center. They agreed to pay $200 a year for maintenance and are current in that payment. They feel that the fee to be prohibitive. They proposed they could pay $25 a month for one day a week, in addition to the $200 deposit.  There are about 20 seniors in San Juan who utilize the meal program on Thursdays for lunch. Councilmember Cosio explained that to heat the building is expensive for the city and $25 is not enough to cover that cost. Vice Mayor Moore suggested a web site to promote the rental of the center to improve the income from the Center. Chris Martorana suggested that the improvement of the acoustics of the building would make the rental more attractive.

B.  Consider Selection of CMAP Representative
Deputy City Clerk Trish Paetz reported that the only applicant was Al Strobel. Bob Reid spoke to the fact that Mr. Strobel, who would be qualified otherwise, was not a a resident of San Juan, but a resident of Rancho Larrios. Maggie Bilich expressed her interest in the position.
Mr. Strobel was appointed to the board by the council

C.  Consider Request by Seniors Council for Representative
There have been no applicants. Continued for a month

6.  Discussion Items
 A. Decrease Water/Sewer Rates for Multi-Family Residences
      The City Manager has been contacted by several apartment complexes and small businesses about reduced rates. The impact to revenues is less than anticipated due to low number of applicants for reduction. He suggested that the small users have about a 63% usage. He asked if the Council wished to reduce it depending on sewer usage. Councilmember Edge asked if it would be based upon number of people, or fixtures. He noted that often the density is greater in apartments. The City Manager will look at average apartment use. The City Manager would like to keep charges proportionate and reasonable.

B. General Plan
      The City Manager reported that the City’s General Plan expires in 2015 and it is time It is time to begin planning to update.
      Assistant City Planner Matt Leal explained that the General Plan is the guiding document of the City projecting out to 2035. Some Counties have spent about $255,000 to create their plan. The General Plan guidelines for 2013 will be out soon which will require addressing greenhouse gas, growth infill and Mr. Leal is looking for direction for how to proceed. He noted that, as a student, he participated in developing a General Plan for Delano, CA. He reached out to Cal Poly, the school he attended, to see what might be possible. He said there would be possibly a a mix of contract planners, interns and students involved. The City Manager said that he thought the current General Plan is adequate and just needs to be updated and the inclusion of the new elements. The City of Capitola recently spent 3 and a half years, three and a half people and spent $860,000 on their Plan. The City Manager stressed the importance of citizen participation in developing the Plan from the ground up. He suggested that he and the Asst. City Planner would pursue putting together a General Plan Committee and reach out to Cal Poly.

C.  SJB Historical Society Annual Open House with Library Auxiliary Scheduled for October 12, 2013
      Proposal by Native Daughters and Historical Society would like to make improvements and also to recognize older citizens for their involvement.

 A. City Council
Councilmember Cosio was grateful for Assistant City Planner Leal, Vice Mayor Moore thanked the City Manager for expediting the living quarters for the FIre Station. Councilmember Edge wanted to look into alternative health provision opportunities.

B.  City Manager
C.  City Attorney

8.  Meeting Adjourned at 9:16pm


BenitoLink Staff