San Juan Bautista City Council Report Sept.17

Report of San Juan City Council Meeting of September 17, 2013

City Council Report

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
6:00 P.M.
311 Second Street, San Juan Bautista

These are not the official minutes of the City of San Juan Bautista City Council. For definitive minutes contact City Hall

1.  Call to Order
      Pledge of Allegiance
      Roll Call
All present City Treasurer Chuck Geiger arrived later in the meeting
2.  Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda
Wanda Guibert chair of the Historic Resources Board announced that there will be an Open House at the Luck Museum for all of the Non Profits, including the Cemetery  at 6:00 meeting at City Hall on Wednesday which is open to anyone. There will be a Fundraiser on luncheon barbecue. Oct. 12 for the improvement and landscaping for Luck Park.

Item 5D was moved up on the agenda.
Assistant City Planner Matt Leal reported on the estimates from other consultants for a General Plan that ranged from $200,000 to $550,000. The Cal Poly presentation had been previously given. Leal said that Staff recommended contracting with Cal Poly for a General Plan update and allocating the funds necessary. The cost of Cal Poly contract would be $30,000. The Mayor asked what having the EIR done as well would cost. Asst. Planner Leal replied that they have not researched that, but he would if the council wished. Councilmember Cosio asked about the number of focus group meetings involved. Cal Poly Professor, Dr. Cornelius Nuworsoo, replied that there could be more meetings if the stakeholders do not show up and they need to go out to them.
The City Attorney asked if the funds was a transfer from the reserve funds to Budget number 17. The City Manager suggested the resolution amending the budget first before approving the contract. The City Attorney suggested that the information that the other bids were very high and the council is confident that they will receive high quality work from the Cal Poly contract be included.

3.  Presentations, Informational Items and Reports
 A. Bi-national Health Week Proclamation
A representative of the Health Foundation. The largest mobilization to do health education to the Latino community involving 40 of the United States, and 3 provinces of Canada, as well as Mexico. Mayor Boch read the Proclamation

 B. Way-finding Presentation by Brenda Weatherly, Executive Director of the Hollister Downtown Assn.
The Hollister Downtown  has proposed expanding their way-finding program to a county program. It is importunate for economic development and sense of place, enhances visitor experience and understanding of the area. A way to discover everything the county has to offer. Makes it easier for visitors to find their way around. the First phase includes research and analysis. Libraries, museums, etc. It is a visitor friendly way to bring them into the town. $22,500 $24,750, including a administrative fee for the HDA. The City of San Juan is being asked to pay 10%. $2,475 the City of Hollister and County have already agreed to pay and participate. There may also be private participants as well. The existing signs in San Juan would be respected and consistent.

 C. Monthly Financial Statements – Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Chuck Geiger reported that the balances look good right now the Enterprise fund is $48,000 which is good compared to last year. He said that everything is falling within the parameters of the budget and the City Manager has been doing a good job managing the money. The reserve is doing well and increasing 10-15%. The overall cash flow is positive overall to date.

D. Library Report
Mayor Boch noted the boxes of new books at the library

 E. Fire Chief’s Report
Chief O'Connor gave out the reports for Station 4 with breakdown of responses. Councilmember Edge asked about the delay in the processing of the San Juan Volunteers. The Chief responded that it was not only the San Juan Volunteers. He said that it is moving forward 12-15 have passed and more every day. They had 57 people need to be processed. The conflict with Aromas has not been resolved in terms of the auto aid agreement. They respond into the Aromas area only on Aromas’s request. Vice Mayor Moore noted that CALFIRE Santa Clara is developing an auto-aid agreement. There is also an auto-aid agreement with Pinnacles. Councilmember Cosio wanted to say that she wanted to make sure that their San Juan History is respected and continued.

F. Sheriff’s Report: Monthly Activity

No public report

G. Public Works Report – City Manager Grimsley
City Manager Grimsley highlighted the reclamation project which had a trial run that went well. They are waiting for the State to approve the reclamation project it is expected to be approved in the next two or three weeks. The last phase is going to be done in house.

 H. Code Enforcement Report – Assistant City Planner Matt Leal
Asst. Planner Leal reported that there was a dead redwood tree that needed to be removed . The owner responded quickly and the city would like to thank owner. The Cats are still a problem at the Storage facility. They have been given two more weeks and then the city will step in and take care of it. There was a pool being constructed without permits on 7th street. They were unclear about needing a permit. They came in and got the proper permits and  he said the inspection was looking good.

 I. City Planner Report – City Manager Roger Grimsley
Since the last meeting the last pieces of wood have been removed at the Brewery site. The soils engineer is figuring out what soils to use for the in-fill. There will be boring and drilling to find out what will be needed to do it correctly. There were old pieces of glass and locks that were found. He reported that he was excited to be working with Cal Poly. He said that a small city like San Juan doing this kind of update it was a win-win. It was announced that the City is  taking names for the General Plan Advisory Committee.

 J. City Manager Report
The Public Health Department has restricted the City’s well use to Well #1. The City must to come up with a solution to the nitrate levels which rise during this time of year. The City may look at a future well in the north part of town. In the near future there may be a need to send out notices about the water. Councilmember Edge asked if there was any information about how deep the new well would have to be. The City Manager responded that there is a well at 17-1800 feet at TrueLeaf. He said he would know more in a couple of weeks. Councilmember Edge noted that all of the city’s water was coming from one area. Mayor Boch suggested that perhaps there was a way to remove the nitrates at a reasonable cost. Councilmember Cosio asked if the City Manager needed direction to pursue grants. The direction was given.

K. Public Meetings and Committee Reports   
Councilmember Cosio reported that CALTRANS has not brought up any of the concerns brought up by residents. No signals or roundabouts are included in their plans and they will not be holding any meetings. Council of Governments meeting in the County Board of Supervisors meeting room at 3:00pm. A focus group put together by CALTRANS. Councilmember Cosio reported that Water Resources of San Benito County offers low flow toilets, rebates for high efficiency washer. “Less lawn, less money, less waste”. At the Intergovernmental Meeting the County Supervisors were floating an idea of raising taxes for County. They are looking for a way to raise the tax without affecting the cities.
LAFCO is having  meeting on Thursday 6:00 a County Board of Supervisors meeting place.
Mayor Boch reported from the Water Committee. Mayor Boch and City Manager Grimsley met in Valencia at Valencias Water Company and were shown their Pellet Softener Plant. He reported that the people receiving water from the plan were pleased with it. There will be another meeting of the Water Committee and give an idea of what it will cost to run the plant at the October City Council meeting. The City Of Valencia said that the effluent is sand covered with silicon. The cement plants like it and the chicken ranchers like it as well. They come to the plant to pick it up. He also reported that the Neighborhood Watch meeting was very well attended. Sheriff Thompson attended and gave a presentation. He said do not hesitate to call 911 if you see a problem. The Sheriff has changed staffing to make sure there is a deputy in San Juan every day. He said there is law enforcement everyday 24/7. There is an officer 6 hours a day, it could be one 6 hour shift, three two hour shifts, or two three hour shifts. The Sheriffs have a hiring freeze currently and when things pick up they will be able to increase staffing. The Mayor spoke about the possibility of instituting water rationing. He will be cutting off the water at the Cemetery once the recycled water system is in place.

4.  Consent Items
A. Approve Affidavit of Posting Agenda
B. Waive Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions on Tonight’s Agenda Beyond Title
C. Approve Resolution 2013-XX for Street Closures
There was discussion about the race route, it was approved with consent agenda
D. Approve Minutes for the July 16, 2013 Regular Meeting
ITEM 4C pulled for consideration

5.  Action Items
     A. Consider Contract with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for Preparation of General Plan Update
           i. Adopt Resolution 2013-28 Amending Budget
           ii. Adopt Resolution 2013-29 Accepting Contract

    B. Consider County-wide Way-finding System and Associated Cost
The City Manager noted that the City of San Juan is tourist based and encouraging tourists would be a good thing. That is the benefit of the expenditure in support of this motion. He said it is not accommodated by the budget. It would have to come out of Emergency Funds or from transfer from Reserve Fund. There was discussion of deferring the lighting for the council chambers. Councilmember Cosio asked if the City could afford the cost. The city would then have to pay for the signs themselves. Councilmember Edge suggested that the cost would be well worthwhile. Ms. Weatherly said that the signs could be done by the Eagle Scouts. She shared that there are lots of components to this. She said this is anticipated to be cost effective and adaptable. Historical Resource Board Chair Wanda Guibert said that the brown signs for the Historical District  are needed and that the city needs to make that happen.

 C. Request by Farmers Market to Include Sound System and Entertainment
The Deputy City Clerk said that she has not received any information. She reported that there had been a loud band playing that was interfering with nearby businesses. The organizer had said she would be withholding the farmer’s market until it is addressed. The City Manager suggested to give them a chance to grow the event. The City Manager had made a administrative decision not to allow the band.
No action taken

D. Consider Proposal to Contract with HdL and Associates to Recover Sales Tax Revenues and Adopt Resolution 2013-XX Accepting the Contract
City Treasurer Geiger had connected with this group at a conference he went to. The City Manager noted that the sales tax has been relatively stagnant. They met with people from HdL, who was a former City Manager. She had profiled San Juan and had information about the businesses in San Juan and noted that San Juan is lagging in the sales tax. For $200 a month she would be able to make sure that sales tax is recovered. The City Treasurer noted that some vendors were paying no sales tax. The business he was discussing has incentive to track and recover sales tax. They keep 15% and the City gets 85%. Treasurer Geiger said the profile information was impressive. They were able to show what every business pays with graphical charts. Treasurer Geiger noted that sometimes sales tax gets routed to the wrong place. HdL does not get paid until money is recovered. Now the businesses must be contacted to note where the tax has gone. The City Treasurer thinks this is a good source of funds for the city, perhaps $6 to 8 thousand dollars a year. He said that the City is seeing more activity, but not more taxes. The City Attorney had several minor adjustments to the contract which he had given to the council.
Motion Carried To be funded by Budget line 17-800

E. Report by Community Hall Committee – Council Members Cosio and Moore
Councilmember Cosio reported that the committee said that the non-profits need to be dealt with on an individual basis. She said an accordion wall would help to heat the hall if it were a smaller space. She thought perhaps a wall could be purchased with grant funding. The Boy Scouts suggested posting what is expected of groups for cleaning the building after use.
The Senior Lunches are the only group still using the Community Center regularly on a weekly basis on Thursdays. The City Manager suggested that they waive the fee, if they can provide an off-setting service, e.g.. cleaning the grounds, providing a forum.

F.   Accept Resignation of Georgana Gularte from the Planning Commission
After consultation with City Attorney Planning Commissioner Gularte has withdrawn her resignation from the Planning Commission and Historic Resources Board

 City Council


B.   City Manager
C.  City Attorney
7.  Adjourned at 8:20


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