San Benito County Emergency Medical Services announced that the San Juan Bautista Fire Station at 311 Second St. is now officially designated a “Safe Surrender” location, which allows any overwhelmed parent of a newborn 72 hours or younger to anonymously surrender the baby at a safe and secure facility.

"The Hollister Fire Department has been an integral partner in accomplishing this designation and has accepted the responsibility of sheltering surrendered newborns," said Kris Magnano, the county's emergency medical services coordinator. "The skills and training of the firefighters insures that a high level of care will be provided for the newborn. "

Mangano, in a press release, called the designation "only a small example of how the newly reorganized San Benito County Emergency Medical Services Agency is working hard to ensure that all residents, regardless of age, of San Benito County have access to pre-hospital emergency medical care."

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