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San Juan Public Hearings On Resolution Denying Gas Station Appeal, CDBG Grants, Housing Element April 9 at 6:00pm

Public Hearings of; Adopting the 2009-2014 General Plan Housing Element Update, an Application for Funding and the Execution of a Grant, Resolution of Denying the Appeal of Planning Commission approval of Gas Station Project

Call To Order

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Roll Call


Public Comment (limited to items on the agenda)  


Public Hearing

A.  Consider a Resolution Adopting a Negative Declaration for the General Plan Housing Element


B.  Consider a Resolution Adopting the 2009-2014 General Plan Housing Element Update


C.  Consider a Resolution Approving an Application for Funding and the Execution of a Grant Agreement and Any Amendments Thereto From the Community Development Allocation of the State CDBG Program


Closed Session

The Council will hold a closed session with legal counsel pursuant to California Government Code Section 54956.9, subsections (d) and (e). A statement threatening litigation has been made outside an open and public meeting. The statement is included in a letter dated April 4, 2014, delivered on that date, from Zachary Walton, attorney, to the City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk. A copy of the letter is available upon request to the City Manager or Deputy City Clerk at City Hall.


Public Hearing

A.  The City Council shall consider a resolution denying an appeal of Planning Commission approval of Use Permit Application No. CUP 2014-101 and Design Review Application No. DR 2014-101, for a fuel station, convenience store, and quick serve restaurant at 404-408 The Alameda, and approving both applications. On March 18, 2014, at a Regular Meeting, the Council held a public hearing on the appeal and, having closed the hearing, then (1) approved a resolution approving a mitigated negative declaration prepared for both applications, and (2) continued consideration of the resolution described above to a special meeting on April 9, 2014.




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