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SBC Boy Scouts cancel Christmas tree pick-up service due to COVID-19 concerns

Scout executive team decided to hold off on annual service after recent rise in cases coupled with the local stay-at-home order.
Image provided by Boy Scout Troop 436.
Image provided by Boy Scout Troop 436.

This article was contributed by SBC Boy Scout Troop 436.

Out of an abundance of caution for scouts, adult leaders, volunteers, and the general community, local scouts regret not being able to offer the curbside tree pick-up service to San Benito residents who have patronized and supported scouting efforts for decades.

The decision was not taken lightly as scouting is driven by service and this community service endeavor has lasted decades. With the rise in COVID-19 cases coupled with the recent local stay-at-home order, the scout executive team determined, with much regret, this season’s scouting service would not occur.

The participating troops of San Benito County would like to extend thanks to Recology, Bourdet Christmas Trees, and the San Benito County Board of Supervisors for their ongoing partnership and guidance in this annual community event. Scouts also offer great thanks to our communities within San Benito County who support scouting with such a passion. See you next year!

Boy Scout Troop 436